Unraveled, June 28


Not tons to report this week, but I love checking in at midweek and seeing what you’re up to!

I’m doing some real rotation knitting at the moment, trying to get some things finished after my stock taking earlier this week.

I’ve been putting in a few rows of lace knitting each day on the beautiful and intuitive Talmadge Cloche.

My Southwell Cardi continues to be a decent size for knitting in the car and on the go.

And I’ve been trying to spend a few minutes each night weaving in the ends of my Starting Point, slowly but surely.

After a long hiatus, I’ve also returned to reading small chunks of Consider the Fork before bed.  Some light food history is just what I want at bedtime, at the moment.  The logistics — and attendant stress — of an international move are taking up more and more of mine and Mr. N’s mental space, so a bit of casual reading before bed is perfect for calming the ever growing to do list!

… and I might have cast on a new project — more on that soon!

Linking up, as usual, with As Kat Knits for Unraveled Wednesday!  What’s on your needles this  week?



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