Yarnalong: Favorite Socks and The Underground Railroad

Hello friends, hello, not much new around here:

2017-03-15 08.06.07.jpg

Knitting: After binge knitting my helical striped armwarmers, I’m back knitting my new Favorite Socks by Emily Foden in lovely Viola sock yarn.  I’m onto the gusset now and have my long flight back Thursday which will hopefully put a good dent in the foot.

Reading: The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead.  I still haven’t made tons of progress in this, but so far the novel is really engrossing — while also, at moments, being difficult to read.  More to say as I get further in!

You can see what others are reading and knitting over at the original Yarnalong post.  How are things going with you this week?  Were you affected by the snow?  Hope everyone is warm, safe, and maybe even getting some knitting in! I got an extra 36 hours in LA because of the storm, which I plan on making the most of!


14 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Favorite Socks and The Underground Railroad”

    1. Thank you!! The main color, cream and orangey shade were part of a kit – and I grabbed the light mint as a mini skein — I’m very pleased I did! Knitting these socks is verrry relaxing — the knitting equivalent of a relaxing bath, I think!


  1. Binge knitting – I like that term! I might borrow it for when I am having a manic knitting few days. At the moment I am switching between knitting and sewing, progress could be quicker in both.

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  2. There’s something about the combination of earth tones and sky tones that are so appealing to me, like in your socks.

    I was worried my plans would be ruined by the snow, but thankfully it was underwhelming! I was on vacation with the roomie in DC and we had timed tickets to a few museums that we didn’t miss, thankfully.

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