Yarnalong: Favorite Socks and the Yorkshire Shepherdess

2017-02-22 09.12.18.jpg
Emily’s Favorite Socks, by Emily Foden, knit in Viola Sock.

Knitting: My Emily’s Favorite Socks are coming along, slowly but surely.  I love the 3×1 rib and the yarn … oh the yarn.  There are beautiful little unexpected flecks of color, and the shades are just so soothing. For me, this project is the yarny equivalent of a slipping into a nice, hot bubble bath.  There’s something soothing and luxurious about it … a real treat to knit with (now, I just need to find more time to do it!)

Reading: The Yorkshire Shepherdess, by Amanda Owen (still).  I’ve talked a lot on the blog about my struggle to carve out fun reading time — and that’s still the case! But I have gone from finding this book mildly interesting to pretty engrossing … I’ve stayed up several nights later than I should to read just one more chapter! I’m about halfway through, and there’s something about Owen’s style of writing — straightforward, immediate — that has really drawn me in!

You can see what others are knitting and reading over at the original Yarnalong post and to Keep Calm Craft On this week.

What are you working on at the moment?

3 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Favorite Socks and the Yorkshire Shepherdess”

  1. I’m thinking of taking these socks to Edinburgh Yarn Fest next month, They are so lovely to make, although being the only ones I have ever made, I can’t really speak for any other patterns. Love the yarn you are using

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