Mawson visits Griffith Observatory, and other LA snippets

I’ve been in Los Angeles with Mr. N the last week and a bit.  One of the WIPs that came west with me was my almost completed Mawson hat, which I started at Thanksgiving with my mom, but, due to yarn shortage, we couldn’t complete before I left.

I finished the hat within a day of arriving here, but hadn’t a moment to get any pictures of it.  But on Friday, Mr. N and I decided to take the afternoon off and head over to Griffith Observatory, which I had never been to, to explore a bit and see the fabulous views.

2016-12-09 14.13.52.jpg

There was enough of a nip in the air that I decided I might get away with wearing a woolly cap, so Mawson came along with us!

2016-12-09 14.15.39.jpg
Mawson and I contemplate the Hollywood sign.

The hat hasn’t been blocked yet, and the pattern has some specific recommendations for how to properly block it — but I’m happy with it, even pre-blocking and didn’t want to miss a chance to take pictures of a finished knit at a fun California landmark! Like the Oslo Cap I made recently, you can wear it slouchy or with a folded brim, and I really like that versatility.

2016-12-09 14.15.58.jpg

2016-12-09 14.16.39.jpg

2016-12-09 14.16.43.jpg

The hat’s a tad on the loose side, despite the fact that I went down a needle size.  I probably could have cast on 8-10 fewer stitches.  But the plus side is it’s a hat I can wear when I don’t want my hair to get totally smooshed!

And despite being a pretty simple cap, it called for a cast on that I’ve never done before — an alternate cable cast on, which sets you up nicely for ribbing and mimics the look of a tubular cast on (Woolly Wormhead has a lovely photo tutorial of it here.)   It’s a neat and stretchy  — I’m eager to try it on top down socks. And the pattern is written so you end up with a completely reversible hat, which is great!

Full project details — Pattern: Mawson by Jared Flood; Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shetler, Colowary: Newsprint, purchased at Loop; Needle Size: 5; Size: Slouchy version; Modifications: None! 

Despite the fact that it was a bit of a hazy day, there are some really lovely views from the Observatory:

2016-12-09 14.14.35.jpg

2016-12-09 14.19.22.jpg
You can just spy downtown LA through the haze!

The Observatory itself is a beautiful building:

2016-12-09 14.37.35.jpg

With lots of pretty (and occasionally funny) details:




And the area around the Observatory is very nice for a walk!



We head back to the East Coast Wednesday, but it’s been so nice to spend almost two weeks in Mr. N’s temporary home — hard to believe I haven’t been out here since August!

We’ve had some really delicious Chinese food:

2016-12-06 19.56.18.jpg


And ice cream sundaes:


2016-12-09 19.06.46-1.jpg

Gorgeous sunsets:

2016-12-08 17.03.39-1.jpg

And we even squeezed in a visit to the lovely Gathering Tree:

2016-12-10 14.14.55.jpg

Sadly, I didn’t have my camera (Mr. N snapped this picture with his phone) or much of a budget for yarn shopping, but it’s a really lovely store. The staff were all super friendly, the shop was buzzing with knitting chat — I can’t wait to go back!

And while I might not have gotten any yarn, Mr. N got me one of these amazing mugs:

2016-12-11 15.30.01-1.jpg

And my second Droving sock is coming along (after accidentally being left at a road side taco joint — thankfully, we recovered it!)

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend, too!  Happy Sunday!

12 thoughts on “Mawson visits Griffith Observatory, and other LA snippets”

  1. love your hat! it looks like it fits perfectly to me, you don’t want a too tight hat! lovely trip and I was in CA in May to visit my daughter and had a great time (santa barbara area). I was happy to be back on the east coast though when it was done. nice yarn store!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😀 I still haven’t made it to Santa Barbara but hope to my next trip. My partner has a yearlong appointment out here, so I get to come back and forth a bit, and Santa Barbara’s on my list! It’s been a lovely visit, but I’m ready to be back on the east coast hehe!


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