Making Miscellany: 1

Hi friends! Long time no see, and apologies if you tried to stop by here earlier this month and found it in disarray … a hiccup with my WordPress renewal sent things off kilter. I’m still in the process of getting things back into shape! But I’m popping in today to share that I’ve started something a bit new, a monthly meander through my makes, called the Making Miscellany, over on Substack. I have perpetual hopes of making more time for this space, but I felt like I needed something a bit new and distinct … it’s (as you’ll see below) a monthly round up of the stuff I’m making and thinking about. In the short term, I’ll republish the Miscellanies over here, but if you like them, perhaps you’d like to join my mailing list over on Substack? It’s totally free and the monthly emails will land in your inbox the last Thursday of the month. And with that … on with the Miscellany!

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