Friday Favorites

Hello, hello! My, it’s been awhile.  I thought I’d pop in and say HI! I’m still here! And prove it with a few Friday Favorites.  I’ve been missing this space.  The past six weeks have been a whirlwind: first our lovely and long trip back to the US, then Yarndale, starting a new job, and starting up cardigan classes at Northern Yarn.  I’m looking forward to settling into quiet autumn routines and hopefully writing here in a more regular way again!

Anyway, enough of that, onto some Friday Favorites!

  • Jen and Jim of AC Knitwear are at it again!  They’ve released another book in their aweomse Something to Learn About series … this time on helical knitting!  This time, it’s e-book only and each chapter is released every two weeks, making for a fun knitalong! The first chapter just came out this week, so there’s still time to sign up and have all the mystery and fun of the next three chapter releases.  I really like the projects I’ve seen from this book, and as with all of their books, you just pick up loads of tips and tricks along the way that let you level up your knitting! I am planning on casting on a cowl or three using helical stripes as soon as I can clear a few things from the needles!
  • Cooler temps always have me itching to cast on hats.  I love this Thunderstorm Toque (and, er, may have gotten some special yarn for it at Yarndale …) and Mountainside hat.
  • I’ve been beavering away on my St Catherines cardigan using Kate from Northern Yarn’s lovely new Jennett 4-ply in its undyed state.  She’s just gotten a batch of yarn back from the handdyers though, and my, the colors are gorgeous.  I can’t wait to get a skein or three!
  • Autumn is the time of a thousand new amazing pattern releases, but I’m especially excited about the first Mild Woman collection, due out tomorrow.  I can’t wait to cast on the Tawney Pullover designed by lovely friend Jenni of Wool is My Bread.
  • Finally, though it’s not knitting related, I want to shout about my new favorite audio podcast: Me, My Shelf, and I, which airs in New Zealand and is hosted by a lovely friend of mine from college (this Friday Favorites could almost just be “cool things my friends are involved in!)  It’s such a fun half hour podcast that deals with books, language, and nature — I eagerly await each week’s installment!

I’ve got lots of posts in my head, so look out next week for them! In the meantime, have a lovely weekend!  More soon! xx K

Friday Favorites

Phew, it’s been ages since I’ve gotten a Friday Favorites post up — though I’ve certainly not been wanting for material!  It seems that not a day goes by without the release of some glorious new yarn or pattern — what’s a knitter to do?!  Without further ado, a quick list of things that have caught my eye recently!


  • Have you seen these beautiful, colorful sheep pins?  They are gorgeous and a fundraiser for a very good cause: shepherds in Portugal who lost their flocks during wildfires this summer.  One might be winging its way to me to join my “flock” of sheep-y enamel pins!
  • My love for pretty much everything Kate Davies done is well-documented on this blog, and her new yarn, currently available as part of her West Highland Way club, is no exception.  It’s currently taking all my willpower to not sign up for the club and yarn — I keep reminding myself that I have plenty of yarn and projects planned, and that it would be better to wait and buy the yarn when I know I’ll be able to cast on with it right away. I particularly loved Kate’s post about how the yarn was finished, something that, as she points out, doesn’t get talked about much in the yarn world.
  • And speaking of new yarn, did you see that Shetland designer extraordinaire Donna Smith released her own, new yarn? The wonderful, undyed Shetland wool is too die (dye?) for — some of the colors and all the kits have already sold out, but I think she’ll have more from this year’s clip soon.  All of the wool is from sheep on hers and neighbors crofts — amazing!
  • I’ve really been digging the idea of sweaters with big, graphic colorwork on the torso. Like this new release from Quince and Co and this beauty from the book Knitting from the North.
  • And how cute are these little fingerless mitts, which use self-striping yarn to excellent effect?  The Christmas version is so festive and cheery!


  • I love a good curry, and this chicken curry, which I saw on Saturday Kitchen, looks like the perfect thing to try out this weekend.
  • American Thanksgiving is next week, and since it’s my favorite holiday, we’re planning a mini-Thanksgiving dinner: I’m going to try out this pumpkin pudding, which my mom has already made and says is super easy and SUPER delicious.  I can’t wait to try it!
  • With the cold weather, I’ve been craving comforting stews and soups. How yummy does this vegetarian chickpea and chard stew look? Adding it to the “to make” list!

What’s caught your eye this week?  Do you have a favorite fall recipe that you’re craving?  A yarn or pattern that’s caught your eye this week?

Have a great weekend! xo K


Friday Favorites

Hi friends, and happy Friday!

Things have been crazy at fiber and sustenance central this week, but wanted quickly pop in with a few new favorites:

  • I love traditional patchwork quilts, but I’m no quilter.  So this might be the perfect blanket for me!
  • How cute is this cropped, wrap sweater — perfect for summer to fall wear, I think!
  • I’ve mentioned my love of Fruity Knitting before, but the second to last episode was particularly great.  Andrew and Andrea interviewed Carson Demers, who just published a book on the ergonomics of knitting, and his interview gives a lot to think about for taking care of your body while you knit!
  • Not strictly knitting, but related to aches and knitting — I am a big fan of the Yoga with Adrienne YouTube channel, and she recently released a fifteen minute video for neck and shoulder pain — perfect for when your neck and shoulders get tight from a long knitting sesh! (In fact, I need to try this routine again tonight, as I’ve been having some wicked neck pains!)
  • And while we’re on the topic of self-care, I really enjoyed this post, published on Mason Dixon Knitting, on the subject of self-care and routine … again, not strictly knitting related, but a very good read!
  • And lastly, for a laugh, this post!

Alright, that’s all from me for the moment, but more to come soon (and sorry there are no pictures with this week’s post — must finish work for the day)! What’s got you excited and/or thinking this week?


Friday Favorites

Hi friends, and happy Friday! I have a small bunch of fibery Friday Favorites for you today.

Clockwise from top left: (1) Lexi the Peerie Mouse, Image [C] KnittingJoy (2) Talmadge Cloche, Image [C] Jesse Wild (3) Scrumptiouspurl Wool & Honey, Image from Wool & Honey (4) Avion, Image [C] Katrin Schneider 
  • Joy’s delightful Lexi the Peerie Mouse.  As some of you know, I’ve been (very slowly) working on Alex the Mouse, May’s A Year of Techniques project.  I’ve loved AYoT so far — not just for the amazing patterns, but for the camaraderie and inspiration of the monthly knitalongs.  Joy’s skillful adaptation of the Alex the Mouse pattern is so cute and lovely — I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at it.  You can see lots more adorable pictures and read the details of Joy’s adaptation on her Ravelry project page, linked above.  Joy is KnittingJoy on Ravelry and joyous360 on Instagram — she’s a beautiful knitter with a wonderful color sense — definitely check out some of her other projects as well!
  • And while we’re on the subject of AYoT, I’m absolutely in love with June’s project, the Talmadge Cloche by Romi Hill.  I’m excited for a bit of lace knitting, and I love that the hat has a very vintage feel while being totally wearable.  I’m casting on this weekend, despite having too many WIPs on the needles already.
  • This new sweater, designed by Katrin Schneider (I particularly like this test knit version).  What a great wardrobe staple it would make!
  • I’m a big admirer of Scrumptiouspurl’s self striping yarn (I don’t have any myself, but I love her Instagram feed), and I love this new color, exclusive to Wool and Honey.  I’m very tempted …. except for the fact that I really have no business getting new sock yarn!

That’s it for today — thanks as always for stopping by.  And I’d love to hear what’s caught your eye this week!!

Friday Favorites

My knitting and I are off for a ladies’ weekend in New York (bridal shower and bachelorette party for one of my best friends — I don’t know how much knitting will be done, other than on the train!)  But before I head off, I thought I’d pop in for a quick round up of Friday Favorites.

Clockwise from top: [1] Tegna, Image (C) Boylandknitworks [2] Narwhal, Image (C)  Eskimimi [3] Bobbie, Image (C) Pam Allen [4] Stitch Marker Tins, Image from The Perfect Stitch Fibre Co 

Alright, I’m off to catch a train! Happy weekend, happy knitting, and see you next week!

xo K

Friday Favorites

Hi friends, and happy Friday!

When I was doing all my counting for my anniversary post, I realized that — quelle horreur! — there hasn’t been a single Friday Favorite to be had this month!

So let’s sneak one in right under the wire (just fiber today – I’ve been traveling too much to try new recipes!)

Clockwise from top left: [1] Let’s Get Crackin’ (c) Helene Zechner [2] Knitting Circle Zippered Pouch by Anna Wright, Image from [3] Its a Gansey! (c) Amy Miller [4] Kim Dyes Yarn Winter Walk Kit, Image from
  • I love this new cardigan by Laura Chau — the texture is so fun, and I really like the higher v-neck — not something you see every day!
  • Also, have you see this new shawl?  It has bobbles! There should be more bobbles in life, I think.
  • And because texture is clearly on my mind, how about these sweet little gansey socks!
  • You’ve probably heard about Joji Locatelli’s Starting Point MKAL.  I’m trying hard to resist — I have too many projects and don’t think I have enough solid sock yarn in the stash to join in with yarn I have — but man, indie dyers are making it hard! I’ve loved/been tortured by all the pictures of yarn sets popping up on Instagram. I’m a particular fan of the two color sets dreamed up by Kim Dyes Yarn.
  • And let’s round things out with a couple of cute knitterly things: look at this adorable sheep pouch, with a design by Anna Wright, available from Ysolda, and I love, love, this sweater print from Tilly Flop Designs.

Past Friday Favorites can be found here!

What’s caught your eye this week?


Friday Favorites, Not at EYF Edition

Hi friends, and happy Friday!

Clockwise, from top left: Angostura, Image [c] Baby Cocktails 2017; Faithmead Wensleydale, Image from the Woolly Thistle; Ceramic Needle Vase, Image from Twig & Horn; Spruce, Image [c] Kristin Perers
I don’t know about you, but my Instagram feed is currently full of Edinburgh Yarn Festival excitement at the moment.  And while I feel very lucky to be planning to go to EYF for the first time next year (yay!) … that’s a year away.  So I thought I’d do an extra long, fiber-only Friday Favorites today for those of us who can’t be living it in up in Scotland this weekend to click through and enjoy.

  • Since today’s theme is wishing I was at EYF, it seems appropriate to start the list off with the newly releasd Bousta Beanie, designed by this year’s patron of Shetland Wool Week, Gudrun Johnston.  The folks behind Shetland Wool Week have an annual patron who designs a lovely hat (previous years patrons and hats: Hazel Tindall’s stunning Shwook, Donna Smith’s wonderful Baa-ble Hat and Ella Gordon’s delightful Crofthoose Hat) and they announce the year’s patron and design at EYF each year. I love the simple geometric quality of this year’s hat (and love Gudrun’s patterns in general) — I’m definitely looking forward to knitting it!  You can get the hat pattern for free here.
  • I spied these lovely new bags from Kettle Yarn Company over on Instagram — they’re available at EYF this weekend if you’re lucky enough to be there and are going up in her shop sometime next week … that lobster!
  • There have been so many patterns released for EYF it’s hard to keep up, but one I particularly love is Spruce, an adult version of this popular baby sweater.  I love those colorwork trees!
  • Even though I don’t use straight needles, these gorgeous, ceramic needle vases have me swooning. I’m really into muted spring pastels at the moment … and I see no reason you couldn’t use it as a vase for regular flowers, lacking needles.  Or perhaps I should pick up one of the adorable mugs or pour overs (or one of each? if only ….)
  • The lovely US yarn shop Woolly Thistle is holding a not at EYF commiseration sale for thos of us left behind … there seem to be some really great deals.  This newly arrived yarn isn’t part of the sale (though it’s really reasonably priced), but wow, that natural Wensleydale wool …. Also not part of the sale, but at the top of my want to buy list: In the Footsteps of Sheep — how awesome does that book look?
  • And to round things out with a few more pattern releases: I love Thea Colman’s new sweater Angostura, knit out of Blacker Yarns Classic DK (which IS on sale at Woolly Thistle!).  I love the saddle shoulder, the simple front, and the surprsie of the back cabling … and I’ve wanted to knit wiht Blacker yarns for ages!
  • Last but not least: check out this new Melanie Berg shawl, another pattern that “premiered” at EYF … beautiful!

Let’s face it … no amount of link clicking is going to take the place of a glorious yarn festival, but I hope you enjoyed today’s little round up.  Thanks, as always, for stopping by and lending my ramblings an ear.  Hope wherever you are, you have a lovely weekend, filled with lots of knitting, planned!

xo K