Porch knitting

Hi friends and happy … what day is it again today?

It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been at my parents nearly a week! It’s been lovely to be able to hang out with my family, have a break from writing (I sent off a draft of my dissertation right before I flew!), and cast on a few new projects … I’ve been enjoying some quality time sitting out on my parents’ back porch, knitting and listening to the birds.

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Off the Needles: Houll Hat!

Sometimes, a project hops on and off the needles faster that I can set up a project page for it on Ravelry, or write about it here! That was certainly the case with the Houll Hat, by Ella Gordon, which I knit during the second half of March. I finished it all off almost two weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy wearing it that I’m only just now getting around to posting about it.

2018-04-08 17.19.39.jpg

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A Yarn Review and #firesidefebruary

Hi friends and happy Tuesday! Phew, I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I last wrote! And where did January go?  It was gone in a blink!

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Friday Favorites

Hi friends, and welcome to the first Friday Favorites of the New Year!

Today, I have four great new(ish) colorwork patterns and a handful of soup recipes that I’m excited to share.


From left: Image [c] Kate Davies Designs; Image [c] Lovewool Knits – 2017; Image [c] Matilda Kruse; Image [c] Whitney Hayward 
I’m not sure if it’s finishing my Droving socks (more on that soon!) or starting Rail Trail, but I’ve had colorwork seriously on the brain recently!  Here are some of my recent favorites:

  • Kate Davies’ brand new sweater, The Oa.  I joined Kate’s Inspired by Islay club when it started mid-December, and I’ve loved all the patterns so far.  When the email for the Oa came in this week … well, it was all I could do not to immediately order the yarn! This is really testing my New Year’s goal of being reasonable and thoughtful about any stash additions — I know I won’t have time to knit this sweater anytime soon … but … it’s just so, so pretty! (And I do have 10% off Kate Davies purchases as part of my club membership through March 1 …)
  • These CheekyMittenKAL mittens — I love every mitten in this collection!  Why oh why are there so many awesome new patterns, complete with knitalongs, happening at the moment?  I just want to cast on all the things!
  • Another gorgeous colorwork yoke sweater, just recently out!
  • This bulky, colorwork cardigan, released last month by Quince.  Ever since it came out, I’ve been dreaming a of dark grey version, with pops of gold.
  • And … for something completely different, did you know that Thomas Jefferson kept sheep in front of the White House? Including a murderous ram? Who knew?!


Clockwise from top left, image from Cup of Jo; image by James Ransom, Food 52; image from Healthy-Delicious; Image from Smitten Kitchen 
  • I’ve pinned not one, but two curried chicken soups in the past week. I think they both look delicious — guess what I’ll be boiling up this weekend?
  • If you wanted a veg curry soup, this curried cauliflower soup looks pretty amazing.
  • Because there’s currently snow on the ground (!), and in my opinion at least, there can never be too much soup, here’s a sweet potato minestrone recipe, recommended to me by a friend, that’s also made it onto my “make immediately” list.
  • Updated to add: because of course, right after I hit publish, another to die for soup popped in my browser: chicken wonton soup!

What’s caught your eye this week?

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Friday Favorites



  • This incredible colorwork blanket, improvised by georgievinsun on Raverly.  You can read more about how she went about it on her blog.  The skill and attention that went into it are just stunning …. I’m really in awe of it!
  •  This knitted sheep. It’s knitted, and it’s a sheep.  Need I say more? (Except I will: it’s from a new collection by Susan B. Anderson of designs out of her brand new yarn line.  I’m excited to try it at some point!)
  • I think I could spend every day in this tunic. (The only non-colorwork pattern of this list — I must have stranding on the brain!)
  • I’ve discussed my love of Thea Colman’s patterns before, and somehow I missed the release last month of this hat. Love, love, love!
  • These brand new mitts, by another favorite designer, Bristol Ivy.



What are you feeling excited about this week?  Favorite Thanksgiving recipes?  New pattern or yarn releases? As always, I’d love to hear about them in the comments! And you can find previous Friday Favorites here.


Friday Favorites

Hi friends, and happy Friday!  I’m excited to share some of my favorite things this week with you.


(1) Belyse Mitts, Image (c) Ysolda Teague (2) Leather wrist ruler, Image from Fringe Supply Co. (3) Asklov Hat, Image (c) AnonymousRhi (4) Droving Socks (c) Amelia Sobankski
  • The new Tup Knits e-book.  If you’ve been following along here for any length of time, you’ll know I love sheep.  I want to knit every one of Anne Kingstone’s gorgeous, sheep-themed patterns!  The e-book’s on sale til the end of September, so I went ahead and treated myself.  Now I’ll have to decide what to knit first! I’m leaning toward the Shornies hat, though I’d love to do one of the pullovers as well, and those socks!
  • This measuring tape bracelet.  I mean, how wonderful is that?
  • This version of the Asklöv hat, from the most recent Pom Pom.  When I saw Rhiannon’s finished hat on Instagram, I wanted to cast on immediately.  The pattern sample is gorgeous, but I love the graphic contrast of her version. (Rhiannon’s GreatWoollyOwl on Instagram, and AnonymousRhi on Ravelry .)
  • Ysolda’s Belyse Mitts.  The first pattern in this year’s installment of Knitworthy, and I think they’re just gorgeous.  And the colors she chose — orange and grey, be still my heart.  I’m realizing that colorwork has been a theme over the last few weeks … whenever I get some things off the needles, I think it’s high time I cast on a stranded project!
  • And last but not least, the list of socks I want to knit is getting ever longer.  I spied these socks this week.  I love the combination of the architectural twisted stitches with the reverse stockinette base, combined with the delicate eyelet pattern.


(1): Lemon and Thyme Cake from Carrot and Cake (2) Mosser Chelsea Glass Bowls, Food52 (3) Nakiri Knife, Food 52
  • As I mentioned last week, my love of Great British Bake Off runs deep (more sad news on that front this week).  I was delighted when WordPress featured Carrot and Cake, the blog of baker Benjamina, who is on the current season of GBBO. I had no idea she had a blog.  I’m excited to try the Lemon and Thyme Drizzle Cake she shared this week!
  • And speaking of lemon cake — this week, I discovered while watching Saturday Kitchen that polenta cakes are a thing.  I looked up a few recipes and shared this one with my mom, who can’t eat gluten.  She baked it this week and said it was delicious — I can’t wait to give it a try!
  • This new Mosser glass collection. I have a thing about colored glass kitchenware.  I’ve been eyeing Mosser glass mixing bowls and cake stands for quite some time (the Jadeite and Grey are to die for), and I love the new blue collection as well!
  • And while we’re on the Food52 website, I might as well share the other item I’ve been lusting after.  I’ve been looking for one of these vegetable knifes, and this one looks just lovely!

I’d love to hear what patterns/recipes/etc. you’ve stumbled upon and are excited about this week!

Also, I wanted to share a little something I’ve been thinking about the past few weeks.  I love all of my end-of-week blog “commitments” (Yarnalong, Thursday Sockalong and Friday Favorites).  But with the way life as the moment, I’m finding it difficult to get those posts out each week and still have time for more spontaneous or project-specific posts. So, for the time being at least, Friday Favorites will move to an every other week format.  We’re ironing out the details, but the group of us who do Thursday sock posts are also going to move to less frequent, but more in-depth, posts about socks.  So they’ll be some little changes around here, along with (hopefully!) more varied posts.  Want to make sure you don’t miss anything?  You can sign up to get email updates on the sidebar, or follow me on Bloglovin’! And I’m regularly over on Instagram @fiberandsustenance.

Happy Friday!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!  The weekend’s almost here … not a moment too soon, if you ask me!  I am looking forward to some serious knitting time.

In installment two of my new Friday Favorites series, here are the things that have caught my eye this week:


  • Mary Jane Mucklestone’s new vest.  With all the heat this week, I’ve been dreaming of fall.  Getting better at colorwork and steeking are both long-term knitting goals. And I would love a fair isle vest for this winter. This new pattern checks all the boxes.  It also prompted me to look through my many Ravelry favorites at other vests I’ve saved, and I rediscovered Ysolda Teague’s Cruden. Hopefully, I’ll get around to making one of these two sometime later this fall.
  • I clearly had a thing for colorwork this week.  I also fell in love with these gorgeous socks and these mitts, which have an unusual (and lovely) combo of eyelet and colorwork.  I stumbled on both when spending time in the rabbit hole that is Instagram.
  • And why not keep with the theme?  Very Shannon had this great guest post with tips for improving your colorwork.
  • Also spotted on Instagram this week: these hilarious mugs, from Baa Ram Ewe.  I have a weakness for knitting-related mugs … throw in punny musical references, and I’m a goner.  They also have travel versions (get your steek on!)
  • And, saving the best for last … the new Pom Pom mag came out this week, and it’s chock full of beautiful patterns.  But I am absolutely in love with this sweater.  (And designer Christina Danaee provides some interesting insight into her design process here.) I love Guernsey-style sweaters, and the updated silhouette of this one is oh-so-appealing.   It’s resulted in a flurry of phone calls between my mom and me, trying to arrange what yarn we might make it in for a mini-KAL when I visit at the beginning of September.  It’s seriously tested our recently taken joint resolve to go on a yarn diet.

    (1) Rocquaine by Christina Danaee, image (c) Rachel Hayton, Source: Ravelry (2) Baa Ram Ewe mug from baaramewe.co.uk (3) Voe by Mary Jane Muckleston, image (c) Gudrun Johnston, Source: Ravelry.  


  • Farmers market tomatoes.  Chopped up with a little vinegar, salt and pepper.  That’s pretty much all I want to eat right now.
  • But if someone made this eggplant sandwich for me, I wouldn’t say no.  I love roasted eggplant and arugula.  Combined, I’m sure they’re heavenly!
  • And I’ve found another summer squash recipe that I’m eager to try.  I love curry, and I love zucchini, so why not put them together?
  • We made this udon, greens and sesame dish a few nights back (scroll down past the chicken recipe to find it), and it’s a great midweek dinner!  We used baby bok choy for the greens, which was super yummy.
(1) Summer Squash Curry, Evan Sung for the New York Times (2) Eggplant Sandwich by Alexandra Stafford, from Food52.  Those tomatoes are allll mine (and I ate them in about 30 seconds). 

Hope your week’s ending on a happy note and that a weekend of knitting and good eating stretches before you.  Oh, and if you stopped by yesterday looking for sock talk, it’ll be back next Thursday!  My Asagi (and the many silly mistakes I have continued to make) has completely preoccupied me this week, so I had no sock news to report.  Back to the regularly scheduled programming next week!

What about you?  Have you found any new favorite things this week?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!