Speed bump: Cross Country Fade Color Conundrum

Good morning friends!

So I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been dithering about my Fade colors. Initially, this was my plan (apologies, these photos aren’t the best..)

Plan A:


As I’ve been knitting along though, I started to have doubts — most shawls I’ve seen have tended to move from light to dark — would having a big chunk of light gray at the end ruin the fading effect?  So yesterday, when we stopped in Salina, Kansas for lunch, I stopped in the local yarn shop thinking I’d get a new color to swap in and ditch the lime green — I worried it was maybe too bright and too solid for the fade. After much hemming and hawing, this is what I came up with:

Plan B:


As we drove on though, the second guessing started. Do I really want more reds in the shawl? And the new yarn has a fair amount of pink and purple hues — I think it might throw the whole thing off.  When we stopped in Abilene just down the road, I saw another yarn shop, about to close … and I picked up another skein, this time of green. Which I imagine could go like so, for a Plan C:


Or Plan D:


After all of this, I wondered if it was best to go back to the original colors, but swap them around, to make Plan E:


Phew.  I realize I’m over thinking all of this … I’ve just been so pleased with the colors so far, I don’t want to ruin it halfway in!  Which do you prefer?  I have about 6 rows of garter before I have to make a decision — any advice greatly appreciated!