Desert Garden and a very old shawl

Hi friends, and happy Friday!

Mr. N and I have returned to Philadelphia, and as I write this, my phone tells me it’s 24 degrees F outside — and I’m telling you, it doesn’t feel that much warmer in here!  All the things I love about my apartment … the high ceilings, the big old single pane glass windows, the old wood floors … don’t make for the best insulated place!  But never mind, that’s what woolly sweaters and socks are for — and I do love winter weather!

But since my Instagram feed seems to be filled with pictures of snow and discussions of just how cold it is at the moment (at least from the people I follow in the Northern Hemipshere!), I thought it’d be fun to share some pictures from a walk we took around the Huntington Gardens earlier this week, on the evening before we left California — quite the opposite of a winter wonderland!   Continue reading “Desert Garden and a very old shawl”