Sewing Journal 2: Striped Jersey Top

Today, I chat about the Gable Top, made using Guthrie & Ghani’s Sewing Society Kit.

Happy Tuesday! Today, I’ve got another little sewing journal to share with you (I promise, some knitting content will return soon). Fresh off the sewing machine, this is the Gable Top, made with a Guthrie & Ghani Sewing Society kit.

I was really excited when this kit was released … I’d say at least 60% of the tops I wear are stripey, so the idea of making my own was really enticing! I was a bit apprehensive about sewing with jersey but was assured the kit could be completed using a standard domestic sewing machine, so decided to give it a go!

I took a little time experimenting with my machine’s stitch settings to figure out what would work best for me. I started out by trying a triple zigzag stretch stitch, but it gave me pretty bubbly looking seams. A narrow zigzag gave a much smoother result. Once I’d settled on that, I just took everything slow (with lots of pins and basting stitches), and it seems to have turned out fine. I suppose the proof will be in the wearing, but the seams seem to have plenty of give to accommodate the jersey’s stretch.

This was my first time sewing from a G&G sewing kit (though I’ve got two more awaiting attention), and it was a really lovely experience. It’s nice, especially since I’m new to sewing and have a limited personal haberdashery, to have all the bits you need in one kit. I knew from using her Hints and Tips video for my Ogden camisole that Lauren’s videos are really well done, and the Gable Top was no exception. The pattern, by Jennifer Lauren Handmade, is definitely clear, but it’s super nice to have someone talk you through the making, especially when it’s all brand new! I think the kits tend to sell out quickly, but you can purchase the videos for any of the patterns that have been featured (here’s the link to the Gable one), and I think they’re worth it, especially for less confident (like me!) sewists. It was also particularly fun sewing along with my friend Jen, who introduced me to Sewing Society kits … we’ve been enabling each other at our sewing machines all summer long!

This project also gave me a chance to attempt some very basic pattern matching, with pretty mixed results. The stripes on my sleeve do not, ahem, really match the body at all, and even along the body and sleeve seams, which were much easier to match, it’s a bit hit and miss. I’m not bothered about it though as I’ve got a cozy, wearable top that I really love!

I really love the simple shape and slash neckline of this top, and I just made a very few mods as I went. I’m not really a huge fan of waist shaping (in my tees or my sweaters) so I omitted it. The pattern is designed to be quite long, and given I’m on the short side (5’3) and have a pretty short torso, I took about three inches out of the pattern piece … and have still ended up with a pretty deep (1.5″) hem (which I like). I also hemmed my sleeve cuffs a bit deeper (1″) than the pattern suggested. Overall, I’m really happy with the fit!

Next time (because I’m already dreaming of my next Gable Top) I think I might try for an even more a-line shape. But until then, I’m super happy with this stripey little number, not least because I think it will be great for layering with cardigans … here it is with my Incunabula Cardi, and I also think it will pair really nicely with my Conviviality Cardigan when it comes off the needles!

Project Details

  • Pattern: Gable Top by Jennifer Lauren Handmade
  • Fabric: Loopback Jersey from Guthrie & Ghani
  • Size: 10
  • Mods: Omitted waist shaping; shorten torso; shorten sleeves.

9 thoughts on “Sewing Journal 2: Striped Jersey Top”

  1. I’ve got this same kit waiting to make. I also prefer my jumpers and tops without waist shaping so I’m going to change that too. I’m glad I read your blog before cutting the fabric out as I hadn’t thought about doing that. Its helpful to see the finished result, which look great šŸ™‚


    1. I’m glad you found it helpful! I can’t take any credit for the idea, Lauren mentions it in the video and I thought — yep, that’s what I want, no shaping! It was very easy to make the change šŸ™‚ If you’ve got the kit I def recommend watching it before you start cutting as there are also some good tips for cutting (and a reminder to flip over the sleeve piece, which I forgot … so had to cut three sleeves!)


      1. Thanks Katherine. I definitely must watch the video. The kits are so good for seeing everyone else’s makes in the same fabric and pattern.

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