Once Upon a Sock, November 2018 (+ Parkamoor Socks KAL news)

Hi friends and happy first day of November!  It’s also the first Thursday of the month, which means it is time for some sock talk (and I have a little KAL news at the end of the post!).


Here’s the state of my sock knitting, as it currently stands.  I’ve cast on not one, but two pairs of Parkamoor Socks (sorry if you’re tired of hearing me talking about them).  Maybe it’s a little boring to keep knitting the same socks, but I really like the combination of a little something to keep me knitting through the leg with a plain foot. It’s like a Vanilla+ sock!

The first pair is knit in Black Isle Yarns new no nylon sock yarn, a semi worsted spun yarn made up of 80% Bluefaced Leicester and 20% Mohair.  It’s a naturally dyed beautiful soft pink, called, appropriately, Ballet:

2018-11-01 12.20.01.jpg

The yarn is lovely and soft, but strong, and quite different from any sock yarn I’ve ever knit with — it almost reminds me of handspun!  I’m planning to knit these with a longish leg that can have a bit of slouch … I think they’re going to be so cozy!  I typically knit my socks on US Size 0/2 mm needle as I’m quite a loose knitter.  For this pair though, I’ve actually gone down to a US Size 00/1.75 mm!  I love the soft look of the twisted stitch cable in Julie’s gorgeous yarn.

The second pair is knit in Woolly Mammoth Fibre Company’s new Natural Sock yarn, which is a worsted spun 50% Cheviot and 50% BFL that’s also naturally dyed (Colorway: Rusty Leaves!)


I’m really enjoying this pair as well.  I really like the way this yarn feels in hand and how crisp the stitch definition is.  These ones I’ll knit to about the length of my Blacker pair (maybe one repeat longer) and will have a neater fit … I imagine wearing them poking out of brogues and boots! I got this yarn on preorder at the end of summer, but it’s now officially out.  Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co had a big update on the weekend and lots of things sold out, but there are some gorgeous skeins left if you’re interested (I might have helped myself to another skein…)

Obviously, two pairs of socks is more than enough to be getting on with …. but you might have noticed that lovely ball of Mondim in the basket with my cast ons.  My gorgeous friend Grace sent it to me and oh my goodness I love it so much.  And as slightly bonkers as it might be, I think I’m going to cast on some toe-up vanilla socks in it tonight.  I’ll knit them two at a time to have a bit of variety.  I don’t need another pair of socks on the needle (especially as I have some other big projects on the needle) but I just can’t resist.  I’ve been wanting to try out Mondim for ages, and also in the wake of my 10×10 challenge, and how much I enjoyed wearing dresses/tunics + stockings/leggings + handknit socks, I especially want to get these going as I think they’ll go with a lot of my clothes (is this silly to say about socks? I think not if you like wearing them poking out of your boots!)

And still, I’m dreaming of more socks.  I have a ball of the new West Yorkshire Spinners Fairy Lights from Northern Yarn, and it’s adorable.  Every year I knit Christmas socks and don’t quite get around to it — I’d like this year to be different!  I saw these awesome scrappy socks on Instagram, and I’d really like to knit a similar pair (I’ve seen a few people do a similar slip stitch trick with self striping or scrappy socks, and I think it’s so cute).  I also saw this relatively new pattern, which I’d also love to knit!  So many socks … and so many other things to knit too!

Anyway, these are the sock related thoughts swirling around in my head as I sit at my desk in the rapidly approaching dusk (and it’s only 3:45 pm — it gets dark so early here!) If I’m going to make any sock progress today, I better get back to it …

There’s a little group of us who write about our sock knitting on the first Thursday of every month.  Paula of Spin a Yarn hosts the link up and has all the details over on her blog — but if you’d like to join in — whether it’s every month or sporadically — it’d be lovely to have you.

Parkamoor Socks Knitalong News

And last but not least: I’m hosting a little Parkamoor Socks knitalong!!

I know we’re getting to a very busy knitting time of year, and, if you’re like me, not a day goes by that you don’t hear about another KAL.  But I talked with a few people, in real life and online, who expressed interest in knitting along on the Parkamoor Socks together, so I’m hosting a very casual knitalong.

The “rules” are simple.  Over the next month or so, cast on your Parkamoor socks, post an in-progress pic on Instagram and tag me (@fiberandsustenance) and use the #parkamoorsocks hashtag.  Post as many or few progress pictures as you like!  Sometime in early December, I’ll go through the feed and randomly choose one or two winners and send them some nice sock yarn (I may already have a special skein on order!)  There’s no official cast on date — if you’ve got the pattern and are knitting them, you’re eligible!  And if you don’t have Instagram, or don’t like to post pictures on it, just make a Ravelry page for project and use the tag “Parkamoor Socks KAL” on your project.  I’ll make sure to include those who have tagged their projects on Ravelry in the drawing.  No pressure to finish, just a friendly knitalong (that selfishly I hope will spur me on to finish my own pairs!)

Many thanks to all of you who have purchased the pattern or liked it and sent nice messages!  I have been really pleasantly surprised about the enthusiasm for the pattern!  It really has meant a lot to me!

Alright, now I think it’s about time to put the kettle on and get to some knitting!



8 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, November 2018 (+ Parkamoor Socks KAL news)”

  1. Oh, I do love that Rusty Leaves colourway – that’s going to look marvellous with the cables.

    I hadn’t seen this year’s WYS special. I quite fancy that. Will have to see how November goes sockwise!


  2. I’m so sad that they are sold out of Fairy Lights! It’s such a cool colorway and I would have loved to knit up some Christmas socks with it. I’m assuming since it’s limited edition that they won’t come out with more of it. I think I may just have to join you in knitting the Parkamoor Socks since you are having a KAL. I had printed out Kat’s Arthur to Ben Socks; however haven’t found the perfect color combo as of yet. I know it will come to me soon! Thanks too for sharing some awesome inspiration. I hope your birthday was tons of fun and you got to do what you love 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Paula!! And never fear there is more Fairy Lights coming! I know Kate is getting a delivery at Northern Yarn tomorrow — do you want me to grab you a ball? It’d be lovely to have you KAL-ing but I know there are so many lovely sock patterns! Do you know what yarn you’d use ? Xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Please 🙂 I would love to have the new Cherry Drop colorway too for contrasting toes and heels, unless they don’t have it. I’m sure I have something in my stash that would go with it 🙂 Just let me know how much it is, plus shipping, and I can PayPal it to you…send me an email and I promise I’ll get it to you straight away.

    For the Parkamoor socks, I think I may use the colorway “It Burns” from Yarn Enabler. I love the warm toasty colors and I think it would be gorgeous! I’m also kind of drawn to the yarn my sock swap partner sent me; however I’m not sure if the sparkles would detract from the cables. The colorway is called “Simply Succulent” from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Super Sparkle.


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