Once Upon a Sock, August 2018

It’s that time friends … the first Thursday of the month where we talk about socks!

2018-08-02 16.35.17

Not much to show this month! Just slight progress on my Waiting for Henry socks. I had such momentum on these while I traveled … I thought I just might manage to have a whole pair finished by this month’s post (imagine that!) But then I got distracted as soon as I got home by many other projects.  Nevermind! I’m still in love with these.  I had been concerned about the fit last month, and went ahead and blocked the first sock when it was nearly done, which sorted everything out (phew!).  I then dragged my feet finishing the first sock, but was spurred on by #saturdaysockathon over on Instagram! I only recently started the second sock, and as with the first, the little colorwork section is completely addictive! Once I finish that, I am going to have to keep the pressure on myself to knit the rest of the vanilla sock (though the beautiful Once Upon A Corgi yarn should help with that!)

I used a bit of Leizu Fingering (which is in the colorwork) for the toe, and that’s the only think I’m not positive about at the moment.  It’s a bit heavier than the sock body and feels a little stiff in comparison.  But again, I’m relying on the magic of blocking to sort that out!

Hopefully next month I’ll have this pair finished, but until then, go check out what my fellow Once Upon a Sock-ers are up to this month. Check out Paula’s post and our link up — and feel free to join in as and when you’d like.  And if you want even more sock knitting, head over to my lovely friend Kate’s blog … she’s got ambitious plans for an August Sockathon, where she sees how many pairs she can knit in a month. I love all the patterns and yarns she’s got queued up (and would totally join her if I, um, didn’t need to finish my dissertation this month!)

May the [sock knitting] force be with you!

xo K

14 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, August 2018”

  1. I’m so glad that blocking worked for you! I was thinking that at least if you did have to frog, at least it would only be one sock instead of two 🙂 Yay that you didn’t have to frog!!! I love the colors you’ve chosen. They look so good together. Wishing you lots of luck in finishing both your socks and your dissertation!

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  2. Those socks are quite beautiful. I’ve never really had the confidence to do colourwork – and I’ve certainly never had the confidence to do colourwork on socks!

    Good luck with the dissertation. The only advice I can offer, is not to leave your referencing to the night before submission.

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  3. Those socks have me enchanted. I really need to make a pair!
    The #saturdaysockathon has me pumped as well. Not like I really need it in order to work on socks, but it doesn’t hurt.

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  4. I like these soothing and neutral colors you’ve used for this pattern. I’m excited to learn how to knit with two colors Portuguese style so I can give some of these popular, colorwork patterns a whirl.


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