Summer Knitting

I’m sat at my desk, with the sun streaming in (well it was this morning when I started this post), and all I want to do is … knit.

I’ve heard tell of knitters who slacken their pace in the summer or even, gasp, stop knitting altogether.  I’m not one of them.

I mean, I’m not going to take an Aran-weight blanket to knit at the beach (not that I’ve knit an Aran-weight blanket in any season…)

And I might be slightly more likely to cast on for lighter weight projects. Like socks

2018-07-19 15.44.26.jpg
My Waiting for Henry sock, blocked to check fit — all good, now for the toe! 

But by and large, the knitting continues unabated.

The longer days do mean I’m more likely to cast on a project at the end of the day … I started this cowl for the Knit British Natures Shades-along last Friday evening:

2018-07-19 12.50.39-1.jpg

And this summer, I’ve found more enjoyment in watching sports … in part because they are the perfect distraction from mindless stockinette.

2018-07-11 20.13.13-1.jpg
Knitting during the ultimately disappointing England World Cup semi-final 

My Lotta dress has grown in no small part thanks to World Cup and Wimbledon viewing:

2018-07-19 15.45.58.jpg

And the academic world quiets down a bit in the summer, meaning I feel less guiltly about stealing a few extra moments in the morning to cast on a new shawl (even if … or possibly because, it’s t-minus one month til I submit my dissertation):

2018-07-19 15.46.53.jpg

And though I’ve had several summer sweaters in my queue for at least the last two summers (I’m looking at you Morning Mist, Apogean, Gilda), the knowledge that fall isn’t far off leads me to neglect casting on for another year, and instead keep at it with my longer sleeved woollies:

2018-07-19 15.48.28.jpg

In fact, if my recent rate of cast on is any indication, I knit more, not less, as the temperatures rise.

And more cast ons are on the horizon

So what I want to know from you is: does your knitting change with the seasons?



20 thoughts on “Summer Knitting”

  1. Sadly, mine has been crawling this summer; although it usually doesn’t. Now that I’m almost finished unpacking, I hope it picks up again! My yarn was the first thing I packed in the old house and it is the last thing to unpack here at the new house. I just need time to put my shelves together 🙂 That, plus one more box, and then I’m done and can get back to my regularly scheduled knitting / crocheting! I also have a summer knit that I’m dying to cast on. I have the yarn, pattern and needles in a project bag ready to go…I just need time!!!!

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      1. I am! I still have one more box to unpack and then finally my yarn; however that’s going to have to wait awhile. I’m heading to Indiana for a family emergency and am not sure how long I’ll be gone. If I need someone to take over next month for OAUS, I’ll reach out to ya’ll.

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  2. I love your work! I lover your document ion of your work! I love to knit – regardless of the season. And I love the fairy bread yarn in those socks!

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  3. Ha, my knitting has definitely not stopped over the summer, probably increased too. Definitely my cast-ons have increased. But this unexpected heat has put a stop to the more woolly of my wips getting completed. I’m more likely to work on shawls and cotton/linen based summer tops. Hoping for a slightly cooler August so I can finish my Lotta dress and some of the sleeves of my winter cardigans. Your Lotta is looking fab by the way and I totally approve of the future cast-ons. How can one resist?

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  4. I swing from knit project to knit project depending on mood and season. This summer I have two cotton tops on the go – I have done simple bits of both, rather sporadically – never in the mood to tackle the complicated bits when it is hot or even now I am overtired as I am not sleeping well in this heat. I agree, don’t take a large blanket project with you when you are out and about – your lap gets too hot and if you are on the beach the sand makes it heavier!

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