Once Upon a Sock, July 2018

Hello hello! It’s that time of the month … the time when lots of knitters get together and talk about socks!

There’s been a lot of sock knitting happening around here lately.  Right before my trip, I finished up these Goldfinch Socks, which I knit as part of the Two at a Time, Toe-up, Afterthought Heel (such a mouthful!) classes we had at Northern Yarn last month.  Both groups were such a lot of fun, and it’s made me so happy to see their finished socks emerging on Instagram!

2018-07-04 08.30.47

These are knit in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-ply in Goldfinch, with Cherry Drop for the heels and toes!  Quite a few people in the class decided to knit ankle socks, and they looked so cute that I did too!  This is my first pair (for me) of WYS socks, and I looooove how the yarn gently blooms on blocking. I love having these sweet summer socks … I took them with me on the plane to the US to keep my feet warm (my toes always freeze on planes!) and they’ve been the perfect little sock for padding around AC’d houses since I’ve been in the US!  I also imagine they’ll get a lot of wear this fall (in fact, I took some photos of them with my new fave clogs before I left the UK, but I accidentally left them on my camera, which stayed home this trip)

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have also seen that I’ve started a new pair of socks that I totally adore!  As soon as I saw the Waiting for Henry socks, I knew I wanted to make them. I had lots of fun stash diving for color combos and ultimately decided it was a perfect chance to use the beautiful Once Upon a Corgi yarn that Tammy from Gracey’s Goodies so kindly gave me during the Sock Yarn Stash Swap, organized by Kat from Felinity Knits.  I managed to squeak out a cast on right before I left for the US but brought several contrasting colors in case the ones I had in mind weren’t doing it for me … and I’m so glad I did.  During an unexpected wait because of a flight delay in Manchester  and my transatlantic flight I tried a few different combinations before, with just a little frogging, ending up with this:

2018-07-05 11.58.06.jpg

The green is from a deep stash miniskein kit from Sunshine Yarns (as is the tan afterthought heel) and the orange-y gold, a small skein I got free with an order from Julie Asselin a few years ago (and that I also used, exactly two summers ago, for the heels of these socks — it’s served me well!)

I have really loved working on these.  I cast on a a US size 1 needle, and went up to a US 1.5 short circular for the colorwork.  I still have never hit my stride with the very short circulars, but I loved it for working small circumference colorwork — not having to worry about floats over a magic loop or two circular join was GREAT!  I’ve nearly finished the first sock and am thinking I might cast on the second for the return flight …. though I am ever so slightly worried about the fit.  At the moment, the first sock takes some, er, finessing to get on my foot.  I’m hoping a good block will sort it out — I know, for instance, that the last and only pair of colorwork socks I made really grew when I blocked them … and with only twisted ribbing and some stockinette colorwork to hold them up, I really don’t want them to be too loose.  The sensible thing, of course, would be to block the first sock when I am home and make sure it’s okay before I knit the second one. But the colorwork was such great knitting to pass the plane ride on the way here, that I’m just not sure I want to be sensible….

OnceUponaSockroundedrectangle (1).JPG

There’s a group of us who blog about socks on the first Thursday of the month.  And with our new fancy link up, you can join in any time that takes your fancy!  Head on over to Paula at Spin a Yarn‘s blog for the link up and to see what the rest of the crew are working on this month!

Hope you had a lovely 4th of July if you’re in the US and have a great rest of the week.

xo K

4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, July 2018”

  1. Ooh!!! Looks at us both with our shortie socks for the Summer 🙂 Do you think you’ll have time to finish the first sock and block it while you’re still here in the US? If so, do that and then you’ll know for sure when you have that plane ride home. Otherwise, you can always frog if you have to. It’s painful but very liberating at the same time. I love the design on it…the colors go so well together. We had a wonderful time at a BBQ yesterday, celebrating food from around the world. It was so much fun 🙂 I hope yours was too!

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