Finished Object: Cartmel Carbeth!

Hi friends!

How was your weekend? Saturday was grey and rainy — good weather to sit at home working, which I certainly needed to be doing. But as the day drew to an end, the rain clouds cleared, the sun peeped out, I closed my laptop, and Mr. N and I took my newly finished Cartmel Carbeth for a walk.

2018-06-16 20.15.24.jpg

We’ve had over a month of rather warm weather, so when I put the finishing touches on this cardi earlier last week, I thought I’d be a bit uncomfortable taking pictures in it.


But it was nice and cool Saturday evening (and yesterday too, for that matter!) and the lovely woolly but breathable fabric kept the wind off my arms, without making me feel uncomfortably warm!

2018-06-16 20.16.22.jpg

The pattern is, of course, the Carbeth Cardigan by Kate Davies, one of a set of enormously popular patterns that she released earlier this year. I knit the pullover version back in February and liked it so much that I couldn’t resist when the cardigan was released.


I knit this version in Lancashire Farm Wool Cartmel Chunky, a scrumptious blend of 85% Black Welsh Mountain and 15% Blue Faced Leicester wool that Mr. N got me as an anniversary surprise from Northern Yarn.  I can’t tell you know I loved knitting with the yarn and the resulting fabric.  The yarn really shows off all the pattern’s beautiful details.

2018-06-16 20.34.29.jpg

2018-06-16 20.36.40.jpg

2018-06-16 20.35.37.jpg


The Black Welsh Mountain fleece gives the yarn it’s lovely dark color. And I love what that small percentageof BFL does. It lightens the color just that little bit, into a lovely heathered charcoal-y brown. And it also (I imagine) gives the yarn a bit of extra softness.  The result is fabric that is soft, warm, but also strong.  I have a feeling this sweater is going to wear incredibly well …. good thing too as I imagine it’s going to get it a lot of wear!

Whether it’s buttoned up against a Lancaster breeze…

2018-06-16 20.22.37.jpg
I’m much happier about this cardigan than I look!

(Speaking of buttons, these are ceramic buttons that I got from Uist Wool at EYF  … I love the delicate light blue “Tide Pool Blue” wash)

Or just thrown on to keep off a bit of a chill …

2018-06-16 20.41.08.jpg

I think it’s going to become a go-to piece of my wardrobe that will work as a cardigan, but also as a light jacket!  Which makes the bit of extra finishing the cardigan took totally worth it!

2018-06-16 20.17.49.jpg
Happiness is … a finished Carbeth Cardigan!

So happy to have a finished garment out of really spectacular local wool.  It can stay cool all summer as far as I’m concerned if it means I get to keep wearing this beauty around town! (And if you’d like a Cartmel Carbeth of your own, get yourself over to Northern Yarn … Kate only has a little bit of this gorgeous wool left and I don’t know if it’ll be spun again!)

Off to work for me … hope your Monday is looking bright!

xo K

22 thoughts on “Finished Object: Cartmel Carbeth!”

  1. Oh this is just beautiful and the wool is gorgeous too. What a fab choice of buttons. They complement the design so well. I love that detail on the back too. You look like you had loads of fun with your photo shoot! 😊

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