Once Upon a Sock, June 2018

Hi friends! It’s that time … the first Thursday of the month, time to talk socks!

And this month, I actually have quite  bit of sock news to share!

First up, these golden socks for Mr. N, a pattern–if you could really call it that–of my own making.

2018-05-22 18.53.02.jpg

Knit in discontinued Colinette Jitterbug, with some Malabrigo Sock Yarn for the toes, these feature a rib leg with a simple twisted stitch cable up each side of the leg and an afterthought heel.  I wasn’t 100% happy with how the heel turned out, but Mr. N was happy with them, so it will do.  I’m thinking of working up a pair for myself in some of my Blacker Mohair Blends 4-ply (possibly with a different heel) and thought if I did, I might write up the pattern if there was any interest.  I always feel so ambivalent about my sock “patterns.” Socks are the only thing I feel confident knitting without a pattern. I’ve got vanilla patterns in my head and then alter them as I want, sticking stitch patterns in, etc.  I assume everyone does this, so wouldn’t need one of my simple patterns.  But maybe?  We’ll see.

Next up, another pair of socks also, er, sort of for Mr. N (you can read about these socks’ capital H- History in this post)

2018-05-31 09.25.20.jpg

Knit in (also discontinued) Sophie’s Toes sock yarn in the colorway “Thanks, Dad,” Ravelry tells me I started these using a Garter Rib sock pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks.  I long ago stopped looking at it — these are just garter rib (alternating rounds of k2 p2 rib and plain knitting).  They haven’t been blocked yet, but Mr. N has already been enjoying them.  Ten-year WIP: FINISHED! YEAH!

As you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been loving knitting some vanilla, TAAT toe-up socks (with afterthought heels) as part of the sock workshop I’m currently teaching at Northern Yarn.

2018-06-07 14.51.23.jpg

These are knit in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-ply, in Goldfinch, with Cherry Drop for the toes and, eventually, heels. This is my first pair of socks for me in WYS, and I am really enjoying knitting with the BFL-nylon blend.  I’d completely forgotten how delightful knitting with self-striping yarn is, and these are just SO CHEERFUL.  They’re pictured with my handy Sock Ruler, which my mom gave me several years ago, which is great for measuring in-progress socks!

As much as I’m liking these socks, I’m loving teaching these sock workshops even more!  It’s such a nice change of pace from being sat at my desk, chipping away on the dissertation!  I’ve met some truly lovely people, and I’ve found I really enjoy sharing my love of knitting with others.  I’ve been scheming and planning what sort of workshops I could offer next!

There is a danger, though, with all these knitting workshops …

2018-06-07 14.53.39.jpg

More unfinished socks!  These are my in-progress pair from our first Beginner Sock Knitting classes.  I need to get back to them and get them finished!!! They’re also knit in West Yorkshire Spinners, but in their Essential DK — the same blend as the sock yarn, just in a DK weight. They’ll make a nice pair of boot socks for Mr. N (his sock drawer’s growing rapidly, huh?)


On the first Thursday of the month, a whole passel of us talk socks.  In fact, so many joined in that last month, we’ve moved to a link-up format!  Head on over to Paula’s post to see all this month’s post, and feel free to jump right in if you fancy joining us one of these Thursdays!

And, in case you’re in need of some sock inspiration, go check out the helical striped Arthur to Ben sock pattern, written by fellow Once Upon a Sock-er Kat of Felinity Knits!  I edited the pattern, and not only does it tell you how to knit some lovely socks, it’s packed full of great sock knitting tips! Definitely check it out!

More soon!

xo K

14 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, June 2018”

  1. Holy cow! Mr. N is a lucky guy with all those knitted socks 🙂 I kind of wish…and kind of don’t that my husband would let me knit him a pair. I adore all of the socks that you’ve got going on too. It looks like you’ve made very good progress on all of them. I would love the pattern if you feel inclined to write it up some day…after you finish your dissertation, of course 🙂 I’m glad to hear you are enjoying teaching the knitting classes. They sound like a lot of fun and hooray for meeting new people too when writing is such a solitary necessity.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think you should write up the pattern! They’re lovely socks, and also I’ve found pattern-writing a really useful exercise for improving my innate understanding of sock construction. You could offer this pattern as an extra for the people in your sock-knitting class, maybe? Also thank you so much for the promo 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mr. N’s got a snappy pair of must socks. They look awesome. You are whippin’ them socks out girl. I think I may try TAAT sock class, either at the nearest LYS or maybe wait for STITCHES West next year.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I missed this month…last weeks of school (6 days left) and just some extreme exhaustion from the psoriatic arthritis. I don’t knit the Hubs socks…he’s too hard on them and he has huge feet! But your Mr. N is lucky! I have not finished any socks, but started, at least two more pair….

    Liked by 1 person

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