TWO YEARS (and a bit…)!

This past weekend was Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival … the very first yarn festival I ever went to, and one that I was lucky enough to go to several times during the time I lived in Baltimore (miss you, Charm City!)  As I saw little pictures and post pop up around the Kniternet about the festival, I thought back to the last time I went, two years ago, with a lovely group of friends …

Which got me thinking about how my two-year old Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest post was one of my very early blog posts …

Which made me realize that I had missed my blog-o-versary!

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been two years (and a bit) since I started the blog and started meeting so many lovely knitters as a result.  Last year, I did a sort of year-in-review post which was a lot fun, so even though it’s about two weeks late, I thought I’d do the same and look back on the past year here at fiber and sustenance.

This year has been a big year, with lots of changes!  Mr. N and I got engaged!

2017-10-03 12.42.51

There was lots of travel …. a summer in Los Angeles and our cross-country road trip:

Moving to the UK, exploring the Northwest, and a trip back to the US at the holidays:

Discovering new wool: at my lovely local Northern Yarn, at Yarndale and Kendal Wool Fest, and during a glorious EYF with friends from near and far:

And sheep.  Lots of sheep:

And I’ve knit some stuff!

Two giant 4-ply shawls (think we’re good on the giant shawl front for awhile!)

Plus a shawl and a cowl of more average proportions


Three pairs of socks:

Five hats

And five sweaters

And of course, there’s been lots of projects started that are still in progress … hopefully some of them will hop off the needles soon!

It’s been a big year for me personally, with the move, making new friends, working to finish my PhD and job hunting, and exploring new avenues for my knitting — branching out with some classes at EYF and teaching my own (!) for the very first time (speaking of, I’ve got some new classes listed!) In the mix of it all, I haven’t always gotten to write here as often I would like, but I so appreciate each of you who spend a bit of your day here … whether you give a post an occasional glance or regularly comment.

I’d like to say that the time of sporadic posting has come to an end, but I think it’ll probably be a bit longer before I get into a completely normal schedule.  The big news is I’ve got a two-year position that starts in the fall (!), but that means my PhD needs t be finished, once and for all!  So this summer is going to be a sprint marathon to the finish line … but freedom awaits on the other side!  I’ll be popping in here as regularly as I can, about like I have been the last few months, I imagine.  But if I go quiet for a bit, you’ll know it’s because I’m locked away in an office furiously scribbling to the deadline (just kidding, it’s mostly all just doing revisions on what I already have at this point, thank goodness!)

The fact that I’ve got a position, one that’s here in the UK, means that Mr. N and I will be staying put for the next two years, so more British adventures to come!  I can’t see what the next year brings, and I’ll look forward to sharing some of it with you.

More soon

xo K

17 thoughts on “TWO YEARS (and a bit…)!”

  1. Just skimmed your MDSW post you linked and you mention Ross Farm — They are local to me! They actually just opened up a small shop here, too, selling their heritage breeds + other indie dyers.

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  2. Congratulations on your blog anniversary, all the finished projects and securing a position in the UK! I hope the rest of your PHD stuff goes well and there are no snags. I love all the sheep pictures! Keep posting them. I’m also excited to see what other adventures you get up to in the UK 😀

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    1. Thanks Paula!!! I can’t believe it’s two years and how much has changed so quickly. I also can’t believe how far behind on comments I am! May was a blur of a month with something big and exciting that I’m looking forward to sharing soon ☺️ looking forward to getting caught up with everyone for once upon a sock next week !


  3. Congratulations on your 2nd Blogiversary! That’s the wool anniversary, right? Looking forward to seeing what the next year brings for you.

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