Once Upon a Sock, May 2018

It’s that time again … the first Thursday of the month, so time to talk socks!

2018-05-03 19.04.13.jpg

These mustard socks I’m making for Mr. N are coming right along … I’ve just put in waster yarn for the afterthought heel (in white) and once I’ve got a bit further, I’ll work that heel before finishing off the foot to ensure a good fit!

The yarn is discontinued Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn in one of my favorite shades of yellow (it’s a bit more mustard than my camera is showing off).  As is pretty typical with me and socks, I’m not working from a pattern …. socks are the only thing that I wing !  The simple twisted stitch cable runs along both sides of the leg, before giving way to a nice plain stockinette foot.  I began these socks concurrently, knitting a few repeats on one, then the other (the cable repeats made it easy to make sure I worked the legs the same length) and now I’ve reunited them to work the feet two at a time.  I’m hoping these will be off the needles before long, as I have summery socks of my own design that I’ve been itching to cast on for …. oh the last 14 months!


I’m also, amazingly, halfway through teaching my first sock classes!  We’re knitting boot socks out of West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley DK (75% British wool, 25% nylon), using Winwick Mum’s Basic DK sock pattern for guidance (with her permission: thanks, Christine!) .  The first group got their heels turned and their gussets picked up last night (hoorah!), and the second group will be doing the same on Sunday … so I better hurry up and get a second boot sock leg and flap completed for the class example, unless I want to rip this one back (I don’t!)  I’m having such fun teaching, meeting really nice knitters, and learning lots (lesson 1: don’t pick a dark color for your class sample, doh!)  We’re already eagerly planning other knitting classes, for socks and other things too, which I’m finding just terribly exciting!


So this month, there are some exciting new changes to Once Upon a Sock.  So many people had started joining in that we’re moving to a link party format!  Paula from Spin A Yarn’s got the link party over on her lovely post this month (featuring awesome house socks)– you can hop over there to check out all sorts of sock-y goodness.  And the extra nice thing with the link up is you can feel free to hop on and off the Once Upon a Sock train whenever you fancy — got a sock post next month on the first Thursday?  Feel free to join us!  Don’t want to post the next month? No pressure at all!  Hopefully this will be a more flexible format that’s easier to manage for anyone who wants to join in 😀 Big thanks to Paula for hosting and to Kat from Felinity Knits (who has some gorgeous fair isle socks this month!) for doing the initial research to get it set up!

Thanks, as always for stopping by — happy sock knitting!

xo K

22 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, May 2018”

  1. Your Mr N is a lucky man! Those socks look like they’ll be so cozy. I also want to finish my house socks. Although it is still chilly here, especially in the morning, I need to cast on for some shorties for summer 🙂 Notice I said need…hahahaha…I actually want to cast on all the things. I’m so glad that everyone is enjoying the link up party. I just wish I could figure out how to get all the images to appear on my page instead of having to click the link. Technology is not being my friend today. Kudos on your sock knitting class too. I think it is so awesome you are getting to do this…it must be a great way to meet lots of people.


    1. I thought I remembered Kat maybe saying that she read it required a fee to have the pics appear embedded in the post — but I could have completely made that up! But I’m so glad it’s all worked! I want to cast on allll the things too! Hope you’re settling in well in the new house 🙂

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      1. Yeah…I sprung for the fee, that’s why the thumbnails are showing. I’ve tried everything they said to do; however my brain is at max capacity right now. I’ll figure it out eventually 😋

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  2. Yeah on the classes going so well! Love, love the mustard socks…I am another fan of the color mustard, although not the condiment (yuck!) I will not make socks for the Hubs….he has big feet and is really hard on socks, plus he’s not a fan of wool…..

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  3. I need reminding over and over again about dark yarn. Evening light in winter is terrible making knitting in dark yarn frustrating. Thank goodness for Spring and longer days!

    Love the mustardy yellow, and aren’t ribbed socks the best?!

    The link up is awesome!

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  4. Ahhh, I love those mustard socks so much. Such a gorgeous colour.

    I’m so excited that your sock classes are going so well (as if there were any doubt!). Maybe you can encourage your students to sock up knit blogs and just the monthly sock posting..!

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  5. Oooh, how many rows of waste yarn do you put in? I’m going to try after-thought for the first time and YoT only gives instructions for one row but I’ve seen people do up to 4 before!

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    1. I’ve done it lots of ways — for these, I knit three rows, mostly because my waste yarn was a bit finer than my working yarn, so I thought I might want the extra length 😀 but in general I’m not really sure it’s necessary to do more than one!


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