Yarnalong, April Edition

Hi friends, and happy Wednesday! Is anyone else surprised it’s already April? 2018 is whizzing by!

2018-04-04 11.37.50.jpg

My reading and knitting at the moment are both feeling the same — a bit disorganized, with lots I’m looking forward to doing, but also lots to finish before that can happen.

Knitting:  think I’ve been knitting lots lately, but it doesn’t really feel like I’m making much progress.  My attention’s been divided between lots of WIPs, and lots of thoughts about what I should be casting on next!  Pictured here is the start of my Areto Hat, from Something New to Learn About Cables (SN2LAC), which I’m knitting in Coops Socks Yeah DK for the Cable knitalong happening over in the AC Knitwear Ravelry group.  Beside that is my swatch for Incunabula, out of gorgeous Shear Delight Castlemilk Moorit/BFL DK, which will also be eligible for the SN2LAC KAL.  The fact that I’m even contemplating casting on another cardigan given that there are two others I’m working on — Carbeth and my long-neglected Southwell — is perhaps silly.  But I’m onto the yoke decreases of the Carbeth Cardi (and still loving the dark chocolate-y grey of the Lancashire Farm Wool I’m knitting it from), and Southwell … well at least I’m doing something on it again!  And while I love both, I think I’m ready to have a cardi with more to it than stockinette to work on — so I might even cast on before the day is out!  They’ll all get finished and worn … eventually!

Reading: I’m in the final … I’m going to say it … slog of Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature.  There’s lots I’ve enjoyed about this biography, but it is loooonnnng, and I’m just ready to be at the end!  Part of this is because I tend to read pretty small chunks, right before bed — so a 400+ page biography is always going to take me awhile! But part of it is, I think, the book itself.  I really like that Linda Lear does a lot of “showing” rather than “telling” — heavily quoting from Potter’s correspondence to others, for example.  As a historian, I really appreciate having a sense of the source material, as it were, and it’s great to here Potter’s voice.  But there are times when I do wish Lear exerted a stronger narrative voice — perhaps filling in a bit where there are gaps in the documentary record and creating a bit more of a narrative thread to follow.  That being said though, I can’t imagine the challenges of organizing and writing a biography, especially of a woman who had such a varied life, and it’s informative and well-researched.  Part of my impatience to finish stems from the fact I have a stack of books I’m waiting to get on to — I just can’t decide which of them I’ll reach for when I finish with Potter, hopefully this week!


So much to read and knit …. I could easily fill this lovely “Yarn & Books” tote and head off  for a little reading and knitting retreat.  If only I didn’t have a pesky PhD to be finishing!

2018-04-04 11.38.52.jpg

Head over to Ginny at Small Things to see the original Yarnalong post and what crafters and book lovers around the world are up to this month. What are you working on this week?  Reading any good books I should add to my pile?

Back tomorrow with first of the month socks!

xo K

14 thoughts on “Yarnalong, April Edition”

  1. I know the feeling about biographies that are fascinating but sloggy – I’ve been reading Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton bio very slowly for almost a year as my bedtime book – it’s a combination of so much detail to get lost in and also having to take breaks to bemoan Hamilton’s life choices at times. 😉 Good to know that the Beatrix Potter book is worth reading though as it is on my list.

    I’ve decided to join in on the yarnalong as well – good to have something regular to write! – so my book recommendations and WiP are in that post now. 🙂


      1. 😀 Robert Dyas is a good place for most of the ingredients needed. Hooefully your library does have it or can get it in as an inter-library loan.


  2. Ooo, I was interested in that Beatrix Potter biography! And your stack of books and knits all look lovely. I feel much like you, as a knitter/reader. Have so many projects in my mind and on the go, as well as books, and so little time to tend to them all. Also, I love your tote!


  3. Ha – I got that tote too. Pretty well sums up all my interests and big enough to hold maybe a tenth of the pile I’m currently reading and my WIPs. Ok, it would only hold about 0.0001 percent of my wips because they all seem to be unfinished sweaters or cardigans. So I feel your pain. I bet your hat gets finished first – that’s why I cast on the mittens for the SN2LA KAL – I need a feeling of accomplishment.


  4. Trying to find the kal that did the islay sweater. I am having great difficulty doind the k2tbl and the p2tbl.


    1. Hi Paula! The KAL was hosted on Gudrun Johnston’s Ravelry group and you can find it here: https://www.ravelry.com/discuss/the-shetland-trader/3418998/1-25 !! I can’t remember since it was quite awhile ago if there was discussion of the k2tbl and p2tbl but my biggest advice would be to make sure you have some sharp needles! I really like Chiaogoo Red Lace needles for their sharp tips, but you also might find some advice in the forum. I hope that helps a bit!!


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