Hi friends!  How’s your week going?

I’m not sure if it’s the budding snowdrops, the extra half hour of sun in the evening,  or just my retreating cold, but I’ve been thinking about fresh starts the past few days. You may have noticed that fiber and sustenance now has a new home, it’s very own domain!  (You should still be redirected from, but now is mine, all mine!)  I’ve been thinking of refreshing the blog’s theme and format — it’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly two years since I started writing here, and I’ve made very few updates to the look of the site since I started.  (And while we’re on the subject: is there anything you particularly like to see in blogs’ layouts? I’d love to hear from you as I think about how the look of fiber and sustenance will and won’t change!)

As we’ve approached six months in our new place, Mr. N and I have also been … I guess not so much refreshing rooms (I don’t think we’ve been living here long enough for refrehses!) but moving into a second phase of trying to get our little home functional and pleasing. A big part of that involved traipsing to IKEA last weekend and getting some sort of furniture that could hold my yarn stash — it had been parked in plastic tubs in the dining room for far too long!

2018-02-22 19.24.12.jpg
Some of the skeins I’m rehoming

I’d decided that, as part of getting my stash out of bins and into something more permanent, I was also going to do a bit of paring down.  Perhaps I should have done that before we, ahem, moved all of my yarn across an ocean.  But I didn’t really feel ready to take that on while we prepared to move, and now I feel able to take a step back from my yarn and make some decisions.  I don’t think I’ll ever be a knitter who only buys yarn for specific project as needed — I like having yarn on hand when inspiration strikes — but my stash had gotten to a point where it was stressing me out, rather than bringing me joy.  So Sunday, as Mr. N built my new yarn cabinet, I did a thorough sorting, making piles of yarn to stay, yarn to donate, yarn to sell, and yarn that fell into some sort of maybe category.  By the end of the day, I was able to look at the “maybe” pile and decide it could all go (well, maybe one or two skeins hopped back into the stash).  I’ve been updating my Ravelry stash page with new pictures and prices — if you’re in the market for any yarn (and I know many of you, like me, are trying to reduce rather than enhance stash!), here’s the link to my updated destash page, with more to come.  Sorting out the stash and especially UFOs will be a project that extends over the next few weeks, but I am very excited that what I’ve decided to keep fits rather neatly into my new little yarn cupboard — and I find what I have left inspiring, rather than some sort of weight:

(You can spy the bins that are leaving to the left!)

For now, I’m storing the yarn out of plastic, dotted with Yardley’s Lavender soap as a moth deterrent (my mom and I first started putting these with our yarns years and years ago, when our local grocery had a closeout sale on the soap — the smell of Yardley mixed with wool now reminds me so much of my mom and home), and we’ve also put a lavender plant in the neighboring window sill.  I don’t know if it’s risky to have the yarn “exposed” in the cabinet — how do you store your wool?  (I have plenty of hearty plastic bags that I usually use for wool storage, but it was easier to stack the wool out of bags).

2018-02-22 11.23.47.jpg
Lavender to deter moths! 

And I’ve got a few palate cleansing projects on the needles … last week, while I wasn’t feeling well, I found Stasis too much to work on.  I ran out of yarn for my Carbeth (which a knitting friend has now kindly supplied me with!)  and just felt I needed a new project.  I cast on a Nuuk, in some very special Jacobs wool that I’ve been saving nearly a decade, and haven’t looked back:

2018-02-15 09.21.02.jpg

Sure, it means that I probably won’t get everything I wanted done before EYF, but the yarn and patter were like balms while I was sick, so soothing to knit, and I think Nuuk will be a great wardrobe staple that will see me into spring.

And today, inspired by sun and green and all things spring, I’ve cast on for a little English Rose sock with one of West Yorkshire Spinners’ new colors, which will eventually be a shop sample for Northern Yarn, which has the whole new range in stock:

2018-02-22 15.05.50.jpg

After months of knitting mostly neutrals (which I do love!), watching the little pink splotches and specks appear has been refreshing indeed.

And I’ve also been trying to refresh the soul a bit by soaking up some sun — we’ve had three days in a row with nary a drop of rain: while my outings haven’t matched Tuesday’s walk up Nicky Nook with Kate from Northern Yarn, I made sure to get out in the sun yesterday and today and enjoy some rays … a bit of sun can make a world of difference.

Tuesday’s walk to Nicky Nook
Blue skies at Nicky Nook
2018-02-21 11.57.24-1
Yesterday’s knitting at Williamson Park
Knitting in the meadow out back today — Mr. N spied me from our shared home office window

I’m not one to wish winter away — I love cozy nights and woolly weather — but I have to say there’s seemed to be a certain excitement in the air this week as spring begins to peek out.

I hope, wherever you are, you’re enjoying a bit of sun and some refreshing knitting.  More soon

xo K

13 thoughts on “Refresh”

  1. Congrats on the domain 🙂 I like the way your blog is set up, so I’ll leave that to others. I’ve also been thinking of switching mine up after I saw the lovely job Stefanie did on hers. I just don’t have enough time in the day right now.

    I love your yarn storage. Mine is all being lovingly stashed away in plastic totes in preparation for our move. However, most of my good stuff is separated by weight and slipped into ziploc bags. I knew I had a lot of yarn; however I’m still amazed at how MUCH I have. Maybe I’ll do a little sorting once we get to the new house too. I definitely want to find a different way to store it all and will ponder it a bit once we get there. I love the photo that Mr. N took of you. It’s very sweet 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wait did I miss something on the blog?! Are you moving!? It was definitely fun organizing the yanr, but I still have lots to get rid of now, whether selling or donating it — so it all just atkes a lot of time, ha! And I know what you mean about not enough time — I feel so behind on so many things … I keep thinking I’ll sit down and give the blog a refresh (even if I do keep the same theme) and I just havne’t found a moment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope…you didn’t miss anything! I haven’t said anything about it because until the keys are in our hands, I don’t want to put it out there to everyone 🙂 However, our walk through is this Friday and we will know for sure that day. I will definitely share once all is said and done. It’s in Gilroy and is a new construction house.


  2. Even though we have snow on the ground here today, the skies are blue and it’s feeling like spring in the Pacific Northwest. It’s the grey and overcast that can get one down. Low skies. Not great! Love your new yarn cupboard! How lovely that the smell of the lavender brings you thoughts of mom and home! But have you ever considered putting /hanging those little cedar blocks that are supposed to repel the dreaded moth? Especially if you are considering leaving the shelves open.

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  3. Congratulations on the domain! And on the stash sorting/storage – I am a total knitting and organisational nerd because I find that kind of thing super satisfying. I have my stash in ziplock bags in my piece of craft storage furniture (also IKEA! can’t go wrong).

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    1. Thanks Maylin! I do love it, though I will love it more once I add some more moth deterrents — I do feel like I’m living dangerously at the moment, ha! Getting the sock yarn into one drawer was a huge challenge and convinced me yet again that I can’t buy anymore, ha!


  4. Love the yarn cabinet. I store my yarn in places far less impressive! I have resorted to clear plastic bags for some, plastic tubs for others, gauze bags for a few – and yearn to be better organised. It’s on my ”to do’ list for the year

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  5. Good for you on getting your own domain! When I check out new blogs, I always like to see the person’s About Me page and see a picture of them which reminds me…I need to work on mine. I like that fluffy pink sock yarn you’re working with.

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