Mid-week check in: almost off sleeve island!

2018-01-17 09.46.48.jpg

Why is it that knitting seems to slow down as we approach a finishing point?  I’ve had “finish Stasis sleeves” noted in my Strickplaner for the past three days.  No matter how much I knit though, these sleeves seem stubbornly stuck at two inches shy of the needed length.  I knit a few rounds and measure.  Two inches to go.  I resolve to knit double the rows before I even think about measuring again, and do. Still, they haven’t grown!  How is it possible?! (Of course: it isn’t! It’s faulty measuring in excitement to move on to the next part of the pattern) There should be a saying about this for impatient knitters. Instead of “a watched pot never boils,” — “a frequently measured sleeve never grows”???

While we’re on the subject of Strickplaners, I’m enjoying figuring mine out. Do you bullet journal?  If so, do you have tips?  It’s all new to me, and I have to admit, the long-range planning intimidates me a bit. So far, I’ve been sticking to the week view portion of my Strickplaner, which has been going well.  Usually, I make loads of lists on little pieces of paper that get lost, but with the Strickplaner, everything’s to hand and I migrate unfinished items (like “finish Stasis sleeves”) from one day to the next.  But I know there’s a bit more to the whole enterprise than better organized to do lists, so I need to dive in to other parts of the journal!

Part of the reason I’m so antsy to finish the sleeves is I want to weigh them and see much yarn they took.  I’m a bit worried I’m going to run out of yarn ..

2018-01-17 09.47.53.jpg

Does that look like enough yarn for the body and yoke of sweater to you? No, to me neither. The pattern called for four 50 gram balls of Loft for my size.  When I dug this yarn out of the archaeological layers of my stash, I realized I’m missing about 20 grams worth — eek!  So I want to see how much the sleeves took and decide if there’s any way I’m going to squeeze a sweater out of this, or if I need to order another skein — which will be a very different dyelot and require some strategizing to make it blend in!

So that’s what I’m working on at mid-week this week — in fact, I’m keeping the sleeves on the windowsill by my desk in case I need to take a break from writing with a few rows:

2018-01-17 09.51.10.jpg

What are you working on at the moment?

xo K

13 thoughts on “Mid-week check in: almost off sleeve island!”

  1. I am stuck in the middle of pockets for my Still Light Tunic—I’m afraid I’ll go from Pocket Island to Sleeve Island! One thing I just started doing to avoid the watched-pot syndrome is to put a removable marker in at the point that I measured so I knit more than one round before deciding I have been knitting for ever and measuring again. It helps!

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    1. This is a FAB suggestion which I immediately took up — I put the marker in and it’s reduced my measuring considerably. After ages of knitting, I now have an inch to go, as opposed to two. Ha! I hope you get off pocket island soon, and that your stay on sleeve island is short – the Still Light tunic is so pretty!


  2. I feel the same way about sleeves. I swear I knit 10 rows and measure and am still the same amount of inches away LOL. Sleeves are always never ending. Sometimes I try to knit them before I finish everything else just to get them out of the way.

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    1. Exactly! What is it about sleeves?! If I’m knitting a bottom up sweater, I always try to start with the sleeves now because I just can’t face them near the end! I’m hoping the body of Stasis will be pretty quick after the sleeves… we’ll see!!


  3. Do you like this bottom up construction more than top down? Knitters always talk about sleeve island although someone talked about knitting the sleeves once they’re separated because usually when one is working on the body you just want to be done. I have to try this construction. I still have my Flax and my socks. I haven’t had time to knit lately. I’ve been a reading fiend because I wanted to finish the leftover books of 2017 so I can move on.

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    1. I don’t know that I have super strong feelings on top down v. bottom up. I do like with a bottom up sweater that you can start a sleeve as a circular gauge swatch and just get them out of the way … but then it’s harder to try on as you go and check fit! So I think each method has pluses and minuses. It’s great that you’re getting in some reading time — I’m expecting some new books to arrive today and I’m excited to curl up with something new this weekend!


  4. Those sleeves are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to see if you have enough to finish the rest of the sweater. I am currently working on my socks, a hat and a cardigan 🙂 I’ve also been thinking about possibly crocheting a pair of socks. I’m just not sure I would like the texture of crochet against my feet.

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      1. Yes, it’s for me 🙂 I actually started it in late 2015; however it keeps getting put to the side to work on things for other people. I really need to make myself more of a priority…as soon as I get done making a hat promised to my cousins Grandmother (from her Dads side of the family). LOL

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  5. Love the colourwork on your sleeves. I’m trying to get a long cowl finished. Specified length and end of (long) pattern repeat was not going to coincide, so I had to work out a suitable point to finish. At least I now know I only have about 50 rows left to do (and at least they are not as long as sleeve rows!).

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  6. Oh those sleeves are so pretty, the finished project is going to be gorgeous. Fingers crossed that you have enough yarn.

    I have recently finished an improvised hat (which I need to blog about), am just past the heel on a new pair of socks, and am kind of itching to cast on for a second version of the hat to see how it pans out in a different yarn. Will blog soon! x

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