Off the Needles: Small Things

Hi friends, and happy Friday! Today I have two one skein projects that I finished last month to share with you.  Both feature special yarns and took just one skein.  I love projects that feel like a treat while their being knit — the knitting equivalent of a trip to the spa or a pedicure, if you know what I mean.  And I’m so happy with the finished objects.

So, first up: Melodia, by Janino Kallio (aka Woolenberry), knit in the Knitting Goddess BFL/Masham Sparkle 4-ply.

2017-11-28 14.13.51.jpg

I talked about this project a bit when I cast on, but as a quick refresher — this skein was a total impulse purchase! I saw it at Northern Yarn when it first arrived, and despite the fact that I am usually not a big sparkle person, I had to have it.  The sparkle in the skein is super subtle (so subtle that it was a bit hard to capture in some of these pictures), a result of the sparkly bit being plied in the direction of the yarn.  The British BFL and Masham blend is soft in the hand, and has a gentle, beautiful halo … something about the natural wool blended with sparkle just really got me! Knitting it felt both luxurious and comforting.

2017-12-01 12.09.22.jpg
The very small ball of leftovers
If you look closely, you can see those subtle sparkles

I wanted to make the most of this delightful skein and show off the beautiful yarn. I chose the simple Melodia Shawl — the yarn feels extra squooshy and yummy in garter, the eyelets gave a bit of interest, and the pattern was written to use exactly the yardage I had — perfection!

2017-11-28 14.14.14.jpg

Despite being a one skein project, this is a decent sized shawlette that be worn a few different ways.

It’s just big enough to stay wrapped around the shoulders:

2017-11-28 14.15.05.jpg

I really like it haphazardly draped around the neck:

2017-11-28 14.15.27.jpg

Or just thrown over the shoulders:

2017-11-28 14.14.57.jpg

I wrote the pattern exactly as written, but used a a very small picot cast off (following the suggestion of lovely Anne — thanks Anne, if you’re reading!) I envisioned this as a shawl I’ll wear a lot to holiday things, and I like that the little picots remind me of miniature Christmas baubles:

2017-11-28 14.16.08.jpg
The picture in which it is revealed that the lovely stone wall I’ve been using as a photo backdrop  is in the alley behind our house … 

I think this project might have changed the way I feel about sparkles … if you’re looking for a bit of festive sparkle this December, I can’t recommend this yarn enough!

This week, I also cast of my Abisko Socks, from Making Stories’ WOODS, a beautiful volume of inspiring projects, and I might never take them off. Another impulse project! I’d been looking for the perfect socks for my gorgeous skein of Northern Yarn Lonk 4-ply, and when I got my copy of WOODS, I immediately reached for the Lonk and cast on.  I’d been in a bit of a sock knitting funk, and these really brought my sock knitting mojo back — it’s definitely the fastest I’ve gotten through a pair of socks in quite some time!

2017-11-29 13.29.12.jpg

I loved the simple lace pattern on these — it made me realize that maybe not completely vanilla socks are the best way to keep my attention!  And the Lonk sock yarn is awesome — warm, woolly, feels great on my feet (I’m wearing the socks as I type). And it also feels sturdy — I think these are going to wear fantastically (and thank goodness too — my sock mending pile has gotten a bit out of control!)

2017-12-01 11.48.07.jpg

I love the subtle color variations of the yarn and how neat the lace knit up in Lonk — these haven’t even been blocked yet!

2017-12-01 11.48.32.jpg

The pattern was written toe up, and gave three options for heels … I tried out a German Short Row Heel, as it’s been awhile since I’ve done a short row heel — and I’m pretty happy with the result (my short rows are slightly messier on one side than the other, so a bit of room for improvement though)

I think Kate’s just about sold out of this fabulous Lonk from this year’s clip, but I think these would be equally lovely in her Poll Dorset 4ply when the new batch is ready!

Two brilliant, local-to-me yarns and two brilliant patterns — couldn’t get much better than that! I’m looking forward to wearing both of these all winter long!

Hope your week is finishing on a high note! And, as a quick reminder, you have a week left to comment on this post to enter my little giveaway for one of two skeins of sock weight yarn, if you’re so inclined!



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