A visit to Orrest Head

Hi friends!

I wanted to thank you again for all your kind get wells and congratuations, again! I’m so appreciative of each of you who stops in here and spends a bit of your day with me!

The weekend was Mr. N’s birthday, so I took him away up to Windermere for a mini 24 hour getaway.

I’ve never been to the Lake District, and Windermere’s accessible by train (key as I don’t drive here yet!) so on Friday night we made our way up!  Mr. N was surprised and really enjoyed the inn we stayed in and the dinner we had (yay!)

And on Saturday, we had a tootle around Windermere and Bowness (which, even on a mizzly day, was slammed with people!) then went for a short walk up to Orrest Head.  It’s a short walk, that you can make a bit longer if you want, which was perfect as I still had the remnants of a cold and wasn’t up for a long walk!

The walk starts right at the edge of Windermere — there’s a short, but steep ascent that’s pretty heavily wooded — so pretty.


2017-10-07 13.22.43.jpg

We got a peak of some sheep and the views to come along the walk up:

2017-10-07 13.32.56.jpg

And before we knew it, were to the top, where there are lovely views of both lake and the fells.



As you can see, it was a rather gloomy day, with on and off light rain, and lots of water around!

2017-10-07 13.40.30.jpg
Look at those puddles!

But we had a lovely time and lingered at the top, even as the temperature started to drop a bit quickly!

Since it was such a short walk up, we decided to do the longer walk back through some of the farm lands.

2017-10-07 14.34.16.jpg

The sun peaked out as we went through a field of cows and sheep.  Look at the color of this beauty!

2017-10-07 14.32.47.jpg

And of course there were also some sheep (!):

2017-10-07 14.33.54.jpg

And I loved seeing the sheep and cows all dotting th fields ogether:


And plenty of non-livestock prettiness as well.  I got a little obsessed with some of the lichen:






Fencing that (I think) is to encourage a hedgerow:

2017-10-07 14.16.42.jpg

And I even spotted some wild wool, ha!

2017-10-07 14.35.19.jpg

And there was some knitting as well! I took along a gorgeous skein of West Yorkshire Spinners new Croft yarn from the lovely Kate at Northern Yarn, and cast on for the Ruschia Hat, this month’s A Year of Techniques project.  It turns out that trying to start a hat in a pub post-walk is a recipe for many mistakes, but after a few false starts, I’m off:

2017-10-10 13.31.39.jpg

I’m enjoying the yarn and pattern immensely!  The yarn is woolly and gives a delightfully squishy fabric–I think it will make a lovely hat and would also be nice for larger garments!  And I’ve loved the speckled fabric the Croft produces.  And the pattern — my first Woolly Wormhead hat — is just SO clever.  The hat’s knit lengthwise in small wedges, and  it’s completely addictive!

It was a short trip, but a lovely one — and I’m looking forward to exploring more of the Lake District and getting a bit off the beaten path!

How was your weekend?

xo K

10 thoughts on “A visit to Orrest Head”

  1. Glad you’re feeling better! I have been to London twice but seeing Beatrix Potter’s home is still on my bucket list. Seeing these pictures I’ve got even more reasons to want to visit the Lake District!

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