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Happy first day of October!  I don’t know about you, but the temperatures are dropping and I want to cast on for everything (even more than usual).  Between the excitement of Yarndale and the new yarns and patterns that are being released daily, it’s easy to lose one’s head a bit. Because of this, I was really excited when I first heard about Louise from KnitBritish’s Good Intentions Club.  The idea is that many of us buy lots of yarn with good intentions to cast on for something in particular.  But often these projects fall by the wayside, as we’re tempted by what’s new and what’s now.  I know this is definitely true for me — often, if I go in a yarn shop with a friend, I’m constantly pointing out past plans and purchases. “Oh this yarn, I have some of that for x-project!  Oh that sample, I have y-yarn to make that!” It makes me a bit sad — all the planned knitting that never gets done!

So the idea is, you pick a project for each quarter that you already have yarn and pattern for.  And just like any other yarn club, on the first day of the quarter, you cast on! I had a lot of fun going through my Ravelry stash and favorites and putting together a possible Good Intentions bundle (with more projects than I could possibly knit in a year, ha!)  And on Friday, I dived into my stash and got my yarn ready — here’s my basket of Good Intentions!


Today’s the first day of the first quarter, so I’ll be casting on the Arctic Cardigan, from Issue 2 of Making. 

2017-09-30 08.47.19.jpg

I’m knitting it out of lovely Brooklyn Tweed Quarry, which my lovely mom got me as a Christmas present so I could knit this cardigan.  My intentions to start right away were so good that I even swatched last January!

Now you might notice that there are more than four projects in that basket — I thought I might try for some bonus projects — extra good intentions!  For this quarter, I’m also hoping to make Ysolda Teague’s Aoibhinn mittens, which I ordered this gorgeous Olann + Obair yarn for last year (this picture doesn’t really do the yarn justice — now that I’m living in a very overcast place, I need to work on my low light photography!)


And, as a quick preview of Good Intentions to come (there might be a few changes …)

Are you joining the Good Intentions Club?  Or do you have any particular knitting goals this season?

Alright that’s all from me — I’m off to cast on!

9 thoughts on “Good Intentions Club”

  1. Oh, Katherine, how I wish I were joining you and Kat and all those others out there that are doing this. I am still stuck on my need to get my UFO’s and WIP’s completed. All of them were projects I was super excited to cast on at one point in time and I’ve let other projects come to the forefront instead. Maybe once I catch up, I’ll be able to join in 🙂 Until then, I keep slogging away 😀 P.S….I’m dying to cast on something new!!!!

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  2. I fell in love with this idea when I heard Louise talk about it on the Knit British podcast. I usually buy yarn with a specific project in mind…and then get sidetracked before I can cast on. I have two other KALs starting in October, not to mention a small mountain of WIPs, but I’m eager to see your cardigan progress.
    My goal for the rest of this year is to work down the WIP pile a bit: I must have close to a mile of yarn tied up in half-finished projects! Maybe if I’m successful I can jump in to the Good Intentions club in January…


    1. That’s such a good goal, and one I should be joining in on. I have an embarrassing number of UFOs. But at least with Good Intentions, I’m not buying more yarn, and I’m getting around to things I’ve wanted to knit. But I need to try to intersperse it with working on old WIPs. I’ll look forward to see you work down that pile, and what you join in with in January!


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