Unraveled Wednesday: New Projects!

2017-09-12 13.58.52.jpg

Guys! I’ve cast on some new projects! Do you know what that means?! I finished my Fade! Well, the ends need to be woven in, and it’ll need a good block as soon as my knitting kit arrives from the US — but the knitting it’s done!

I still have plenty of WIPs on the needles, and some plans to cast on for some bigger projects, but some palate cleansers in the form of quick, satisfying projects were definitely in order.  On the right, I’ve cast on for a Bousta Beanie, this year’s Shetland Wool Week hat .  Jamieson and Smith were hosting a little KAL ahead of Wool Week, and I’d hoped to join in.  I am not sure if I’ve already missed it (must check) but regardless, I’m happy to be knitting with some J&S wool for the first time — it’s delightfully woolly, makes my colorwork look much more even (I started once already and got a bit further, before realizing I needed to drop a needle size), and overall, is just gorgeous to knit with — looking forward to many more J&S projects!

But what’s really been doing it for me at the moment is September’s A Year of Technique projects, the Wood Warbler cowl by Martina Behm. There’s something so satisfying about garter stripes — the pattern is completely addictive.  I love watching the slow gradient of the two Schopple Wool yarns emerge and, on size US 7 needles, it feels like it’s flying off the needles! Another brilliant pattern from AYOT that will be a perfect fall accessory!

What are you working on this Wednesday? Linking up with As Kat Knits this Wednesday — just as soon as it’s a reasonable hour in the US!

8 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday: New Projects!”

  1. I love your Wood Warbler (great yarns)! I had previously passed over that pattern but I’ going to go take a good look at it. I think I might need one!

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  2. Oh my gosh! I’m so happy that you were able to finish your Fade. What awesome new projects you have on the needles too! I’m so far behind in blogging about my finished stuff. I really need to do some updates. I’m currently working on a unicorn blanket for little Rainy, a worsted weight Sockhead Hat, a Trillium Shawl, my Hermione’s Everyday Sock, and a sweater 🙂 My Cozy Memories blanket has been on the back burner; however I may pick it up and do another square soon. Think that’s enough?

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