A wave from the other side of the pond

Hi friends!

I’ve finally made it to the UK!  Even the last steps weren’t the easiest … my visa arrived last Monday morning, in good time for me to make my Monday evening flight … but alas, UK immigration had other ideas.  My entry clearance was good beginning Wednesday, which meant one final round of calls to change flights (yes, customer service representative from Expedia, I do realize I’ve changed this flight a lot and paid many change fees!) and a little more waiting, but Wednesday afternoon I set out from Baltimore and arrived in Edinburgh Thursday morning.  I cleared the border with no issues, and Mr. N was waiting to whisk me down (side bar: can you be whisked over a three hour drive, I’m not sure?) to Lancaster and start looking at rentals for us right away as we only have just under two weeks until our temporary accommodation is up and we need a place to live!

So it’s been a blur of a few days, but we found a house to rent (fingers crossed our application gets approved), and I’m slowing getting over jet lag and getting my bearings.  We leave Wednesday for a conference down in Portsmouth that we both committed to being at before all the visa malarkey, so between that (we don’t arrive back til Sunday) and hopefully getting moved in the following week, it’ll be just a bit longer before I’m back to regularly scheduled programming.  I’m missing this space, and reading all of my favorite knitting bloggers too!  Bu til then, I’ve got some new, aptly themed reading, and plenty of knitting to keep me busy until I’m reunited with my stash in the next few weeks:

2017-08-28 12.16.09.jpg

My Find Your Fade, which is really, truly nearing, completion, in progress Antirrhinum socks (July’s AYOT project), Jamieson and Smith for a Bousta Beanie, and Schoppel-Wolle for the lovely September AYOT project, the Wood Warbler cowl!

And here are a few snaps of my first few days in Lancaster:

2017-08-26 12.32.58.jpg
A room with a view: out the window of our little temporary loft apartment, which is the top floor of a building built in the 1770s!
2017-08-27 08.45.48.jpg
A meadow across from the antiques center that Mr. N and I went to scope out furniture for our new place on Sunday

2017-08-27 08.47.16.jpg

2017-08-27 14.30.20.jpg

2017-08-27 14.31.56.jpg
The canal on yesterday’s evening walk
2017-08-27 14.36.13.jpg
Another canal view
2017-08-27 14.39.05.jpg
A pub on a Bank Holiday weekend Sunday — so full!  I don’t know if you can see, but the canal boat is called the Jolly Lamb 🙂

Thanks, as always, for spending a little bit of your day here, and bearing with me as I work to getting back to normal.  Hope your week is off to a great start!

xo K

16 thoughts on “A wave from the other side of the pond”

  1. Find Your Fade is looking beautiful! And welcome to the UK! I’m glad you’ve finally made it over safely. I hope you have some time to rest soon, though it’s always so busy immediately after such a big change.

    Do get in touch if you’re ever in the Cotswolds/Bristol area & fancy some cake & knitting. 🙂

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  2. Glad you have arrived safely. Lancaster looks lovely and fingers crossed you get settled in your new rental house soon. I have both of the books in your photo – nearly finished Love of Country as I head to the Hebrides at the end of the next week. It’s a very good read. Counting Sheep will have you recognizing all the different sheep breeds you see in your travels around the UK in no time. Are you still planning on going to Yarndale? Hopefully we’ll meet up then. Have fun in Portsmouth.

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    1. Thank you!! I’ll have to keep posting scenic pictures to convince you that a trip up here is necessary! So exciting that you’re heading to the Hebrides so soon. Am definitely still planning on Yarndale – will for sure go Sunday and maybe briefly Saturday depending on how things work out – it’d be lovely to see you there !


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