Final hurdle

Well friends, my visa is finally en route, though even the mailing process hasn’t been smooth … it seems like if anything that can go wrong with this process, it has!  But I’m grateful it’s finally on the move, and I’ll be joining Mr. N on the other side of the pond before too long.In the meantime, I’ve been trying to get back to a bit of work while I’ve been staying with my friend.  But we’ve also fit in a little time for some adventures.  On Saturday, we drove out to Millstone Cellars, a lovely small cidery north of Baltimore.

2017-08-19 14.01.11.jpg

2017-08-19 14.00.57.jpg

The cidery’s a lovely space, and it was fun to wander around and do a quick tasting.

2017-08-19 13.46.06.jpg

2017-08-19 13.59.34.jpg

We might have come back with a bottle or two …

While we were out there, I was also musing on the last bits of my Find Your Fade.  I started the penultimate color yesterday:

2017-08-19 14.01.49.jpg

But quickly started to worry that there was too much rust in the blue green to really look nice between the neon green and the teal that I’ll finish up with.  So we stopped by Black Sheep Yarn Shop, a new to me LYS outside of Baltimore, and I picked up a skein of Shalimar sock yarn in lovely blues and greens.


But now that I’ve started knitting with it, I wonder if it’s going to make the end of my shawl a bit too staid … there’s been so much color in it so far, I wonder if having the last three sections all in the same color family is going to look a bit out of place. I’m also a bit worried as I knit with the Shalimar that there’s not going to be that much contrast with the teal, when it’s all said and done (when I took this picture, I was still on the color melt, but I’ve knit a bit past that and the yarn reads much darker knit up than it looks in the ball):

2017-08-20 13.58.53.jpg

Everyone was so helpful during my last color query … what do you think? Continue with the blue-green Shalimar (on the left) or go back to blue-green-copper on the right? Advice greatly appreciated!

How’s your weekend been?

8 thoughts on “Final hurdle”

  1. Hurray, so happy your visa is finally en route! I am currently knitting a very muted green/brown fade so the Shalimar fits right in my comfort zone, but if you are worried about tying in the orangey colors from the beginning of the shawl the green and copper might do a better job. Go with your gut!


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