Cross Country Trip, Day 5

Hello from Kansas City! Today was beautiful, in a differnt way … lots of lovely rolling fields and some amazing windmills (if less places along I70 to stop and appreciate them).

 I’m just about ready for color 4 of my Fade … and I had a bit of a color crisis. I became convinced that the plan I had already charted was no good. I may have bought not one, but two skeins of yarn at two separate shops in eastern Kansas to swap into the shawl (thanks for the suggestions, Allison) and I am not sure that either will make the cut in the end. But never mind, always nice to see local yarn shops! If I can get my act together in the morning before we leave, I might pop in and show you the options and get your advice!

Tomorrow is a short drive to St. Louis where we’ll stay all weekend – one of my best friends is getting married! I am so excited for a fun weekend — and as much fun as we’ve been having, it’ll be nice to have a short break from the road. Especially for Mr. N who has been doing all the driving to maximize my knitting time. He’s very invested in my Cross Country Fade at this point!

So another wonderful day … though the distinct lack of a visa in my life is starting to cause some real anxiety. We’re meant to be flying in a week … so keeping my fingers AND toes crossed that I get some good news tomorrow. 

How’s your week going?! 

8 thoughts on “Cross Country Trip, Day 5”

    1. Thanks, Cathy! Yes the visa has been a big pain – made worse by the fact you can’t contact the office directly ! Annoyingly, my application was apparently decided Friday, but the letter and my passport haven’t been put in the mail back to me yet …


  1. You’ve made it to my home state! I recommend the City Museum in St. Louis if you have time. I’d also suggest stopping off in Columbia if you have time – it’s a lovely town with some great ice cream (Sparky’s, downtown). I do miss it.

    Keeping everything crossed for your visa. I know how nerve-wracking it is. Everything will work out in the end, though, even if it does mean going a little later (which I’m sure won’t happen!). x


    1. Oh thank you for the City Museum recommendation! I really wish we could stop in Columbia. I’ve had friends living there the past few years and really like it (love Sparky’s!) the friend who is getting married actually lives there but all the wedding stuff is happening in STL so don’t if we’ll make it down sadly. Thanks for your well wishes on the visa. I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I won’t be flying next Wednesday. I just hope it comes soon so I can start making alternate plans!


      1. It’s frustrating, as visas seem so arbitrary sometimes. No doubt it will arrive just days after you need it to! And then you can just hop on the next plane. 🙂 (Yes, I know it’s actually more complicated than that.)

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      2. I know. I learned Sunday through the online tracker that it was decided on Friday – and it’s still not been sent out, ggrrr! we’ve moved our flight to Saturday but at this rate I’m not sure I’ll make that either!


  2. Ooh! You are so lucky that Mr. N is doing all the driving. I had to share responsibilities with my hubby when we drove cross country. However, we also couldn’t stop and enjoy the sites since we had two cats and two dogs in the back of the SUV. Most of our site seeing was at rest stops where we would walk the dogs…LOL. I have my fingers and toes crossed wishing for your visa to come through!


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