Cross Country Road Trip, Day 2

After a late start yesterday, we arrived in St. George, Utah late last night, having made a very brief stop in Vegas (where we had donuts and a coffee — very Saturday in Vegas, I think!)  Today, we drove to the Grand Canyon’s Northern Rim.

I’ve never been to Utah or Arizona,  and really, the beauty here beggars description.  We had a beautiful drive as the red rocks of southern Utah were replaced with pines and meadows of northern Arizona until we reached the Canyon.  Find Your Fade has been the perfect car knitting as it doesn’t prevent me looking out the window!

I sneaked a few rows in at the Canyon …

2017-07-30 15.54.32.jpg

2017-07-30 16.07.56.jpg

Then a storm rolled in …

2017-07-30 16.35.46.jpg

And we retreated to the big lodge, where we had a beer (and I knit some more)

2017-07-30 16.31.48.jpg

Tonight, we’re back in St. George … tomorrow we make for Colorado!





11 thoughts on “Cross Country Road Trip, Day 2”

    1. Thanks Laura! I promise I wasn’t that close to the edge. I’m scared of heights too .. I think it’s just the camera angle. (Even in the picture where I am sitting down, I was super careful and on a rock that’s on a much longer rock – not on the canyon’s edge!


  1. I really love the photos. I didn’t knit when I went to the Canyon a few years ago but I had on some hand knits. LOL It really is such a beautiful and breathtaking site. I’d also like to go to Utah one day, I’ve done a lot of cross country travel but Utah has never made it on my list.

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  2. I will make it there one day! I don’t see how you can be that close to the edge though. Heights scare the bejeezus out of me 😀 I just saw all your pics on Instagram today and I am so enjoying watching your journey.

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