Unraveled Wednesday, July 19

2017-07-19 08.09.31.jpg

This is a pretty solid representation of my knitting (and life more generally) at the moment: lots of projects on the go, some with minor complications, but on the whole, things are progressing!

My Vatsland pullover is close to completion, but I’ve hit a bump in the road on the final stretch: turns out my row gauge was off, meaning I ran out of yarn before the yoke was complete and that the depth of my yoke is all wrong too.  I’ve got a new ball of yarn though, and some good advice on how to fix it, so as soon as I have a few free hours, going to do some fiddling to finish it off!

After being stuck in the doldrums for ages, my Southwell Cardi has some momentum! The bottom ribbing is almost complete, then the body will be done, hoorah!

And I’ve finally got my Antirrhinum Socks cast on … not much knit yet, but I am totally falling for the Socks Yeah! yarn — knitting with it’s a real joy.

Every so often, I try to convince my brain that books that are tangentially related to my work (for those who don’t know, I’m at work on a History PhD) are suitable candidates for “for fun” reading.  Usually, my efforts fail, but so far, so good on Newton and the Counterfeiter by Thomas Levensen, a book about Isaac Newton’s less well-known life as head of the Royal Mint in the early eighteenth century.  I’m just a little ways in, but so far it’s super engaging — I really like Levensen’s writing style.

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7 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday, July 19”

  1. I really enjoyed Newton and the Counterfeiter, if I remember correctly. It informed me about an area of history I knew nothing about.

    What’s the subject of your PhD? I have a degree in history but never had the urge to take it further, but fascinated by what people choose to study in depth!


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