Weekend-ing, and some knitting surgery

It’s hard to believe, but Mr. N and I only have two weekends left until we hit the road, starting our road trip East and, ultimately, our trip across the pond!

So this weekend has been all about recharging our batteries after a very busy first half of July and finalizing details for our trip (and hoping my visa comes through soon and doesn’t through a wrench in our plans!)

And as much as there’s still stuff we want to see and do in LA, it’s been nice to have a slow-paced weekend.  We did venture out yesterday to Gather DTLA … I wanted to see about buttons for my Talmadge Cloche (unfortunately, they were out) and check out the Long Dog Yarn trunk show. She had so many pretties, but I restricted myself to a skein of her Sock yarn in Wild Child and this adorable mini skein of Seaglass:

2017-07-16 10.44.26.jpg
Long Dog Yarn Sock 

I picked Wild Child to join the rest of my Find Your Fade colors, which I’m increasingly thinking will be perfect for our cross-country road trip.  And the mini skein .. well, could you pass that up?

I just need to figure out the perfect spot in my Fade for the new addition. I’m thinking it will be the second to last color, but we’ll see … it has so many colors of my fade, it really could fit in several different places:

2017-07-15 16.33.47.jpg

And while we were out, we picked up some Beard Papa’s cream puffs … my goal is to have these at least once a week until the end of the month!

2017-07-16 08.02.32.jpg

Today has been quiet so far, though I had some excitement on the knitting front.  My Southwell Cardi has finally reached the pattern’s called for length, so I was ready to start the ribbing.  Looking at the pattern, I realized that there was supposed to be two-stitch wide purl columns running down each side of the cardigan to give a nice faux seam.  I was on such autopilot when I divided the sweater for the sleeves, I didn’t even notice! I could have just pressed on, of course, but I know faux seams can really help with the way a sweater hangs on your body, giving a bit of structure.  I wasn’t about to rip back the ten inches over four stitches that I hadn’t worked properly, of course, so I decided to perform some knitting surgery.

I marked off where the stitches should have been, and put a removable marker in the stitch down by the underarm, to make sure my unraveling didn’t get carried away:


I dropped the first stitch down:



And laddered it back up with a crochet hook:

2017-07-16 07.27.37.jpg

Then I repeated on the neighboring stitch (as it’s a two-stitch seam) and did the same for the second side.  And — voila! — two faux seams!  They might be a slight bit wonky from their reladdering, but nothing some blocking won’t fix!

2017-07-16 11.00.06.jpg

More planning and chores to get on with for the rest of the day, but there will also be plenty of knitting time! My Vatsland yoke is progressing nicely, so I’m feeling very virtuous … so virtuous that I might finally get going on my AYOT socks, after delaying casting them on while we had house guests.  Decisions, decisions!

How’s your weekend been going?  Hope whatever you’ve been up to, it’s been lovely!

xo K




9 thoughts on “Weekend-ing, and some knitting surgery”

  1. We had a very busy weekend going to wineries and wine tasting 🙂 I did get a little bit of knitting in while being a passenger on both my hat and shawl. Yay for knowing how to drop your stitch intentionally and then pull it back up. That used to scare me; however doesn’t anymore. I’m so glad it worked out for you!


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