Stock Taking

If you follow me over on Instagram, you might have seen that I finished Starting Point yesterday (queue happy dance) !

And because I’m in the somewhat unusual position of having a limited amount of yarn with me, I thought this might be a nice moment to take stock and show you what pretties I’ll be keeping myself busy with until my stash and I are reunited … which, given the speed with which our stuff will cross the ocean, won’t be until sometime in September.

labeled yarn.jpg
It helps, when doing an infographic, to check your spelling — that should be tegna, not tenga, oops!

Two short sleeves sweaters worth of yarn (the Tuskenknits for Tegna might be a recent acquisition — oops!) + one long sleeve pullover + one giant shawl + a pair of socks + two mystery AYOT projects.  Obviously, there’s little chance I’ll get through all of this by September — especially when you factor in I also still have my Southwell Cardi, Talmadge Cloche, Brambling Shawl, and Alex the Mouse all on the needles (typing all that makes me feel a little guilty) — but I like to have some options.

You might notice that everything except that gorgeous Fyberspates on the bottom right is fingering weight yarn.  Possibly poor planning on my part as I keep dreaming of whipping up a fast worsted weight sweater (I’m looking at you Vatsland) and it’s causing me some needle issues at the moment.

As a reward for finishing Starting Point, I thought I might cast on for one of the quick summer sweaters I have yarn for, Tegna or Apogean:

2017-06-25 12.02.26.jpg
Tuskenknits Fuzz in Love Struck Baby and The Farmers Daughter Willow Sock in Juniper & Elk Antler

Both of the patterns suggest a US Size 3 … I thought I might swatch today as a treat.  I only have a few needles with me, and as it turns out, both my Talmadge Cloche and the Southwell Cardi are on threes!  I feel silly buying another needle in the same size (though you can never have too many needles, amiright?), so I suppose I’ll have to delay swatching til I finish a project (who am I kidding, until I finish the hat … there’s no way I’m finishing Southwell in the next week or two!) Exercising a little restraint isn’t the worst thing in the world!

And I still can’t decide which of the sweaters I should cast on, so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear in the comments.

As part of my stock taking, I also started going through some of the many pictures from my sister’s lovely visit.  I thought I’d share just a few we took last Sunday, exploring Laguna Beach together:

It was an unbelievably gorgeous day




Somewhere, someone is missing their glasses:


To be out on that clear blue sea:



The view from the “Top of the World”:



I feel very lucky to find myself in such a beautiful place, with so much to see, and that I got to show my sister some of it, too!

Hope you’re enjoying the last flickers of the weekend.

xo K

6 thoughts on “Stock Taking”

  1. We live in such a beautiful state. It’s just as gorgeous in Northern California as it is in Southern! I understand the issue of not having enough needles. It’s usually my size 6, 7 and 8’s that are in use. I just finished up a blanket though and have a set of my 8’s back. Good luck in deciding which sweater to make. Both are gorgeous options and look like a lot of fun…along with some gorgeous yarn to play with. I’m leaning slightly towards the Tegna just because of the fun lacy pattern at the bottom.


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