Unraveled Wednesday: An Assortment of WIPs

Happy Wednesday friends!

At last, I have some knitting progress to share!

I’m excited to report that the two pieces of my Starting Point have finally joined into one, and I’ve completed one side of the shawl!  The pattern’s very clever in how you join up the pieces and end up with a rectangle.  And it’s a major relief that the rows get progressively shorter as you near completion.  Now to do the same on the other side, and this beast will be done!

2017-06-21 07.50.45.jpg
Almost there!

Getting the shawl joined up was pretty liberating for me, knitting-wise … because it made the shawl so big, and it’s so hot, the shawl became an impractical project for car knitting, lunch break at work knitting, etc.  So I picked up another languishing WIP as my on-the-go knitting without any guilt: my Southwell Cardi:

2017-06-21 07.52.35.jpg

I’ve had a decent amount of car time as we’ve been exploring with Sis, so I’ve made some progress on the body, hoorah!  It’s felt good to be excited about this cardigan after I’d had a rather long break from it.  Hoping to carry that momentum forward, as I think this will be a cardigan I’d wear a lot!

The combination of not putting enormous pressure on myself to finish Starting Point by an arbitrary deadline and feeling excited about a WIP that was in danger of falling into the UFO pile has been great … it’s made for much happier knitting since this time last week!

And I’m not the only one getting knitting done.  Sis has started her Summer Flies out of the toil and trouble yarn we picked up on the weekend, and it’s looking really, really gorgeous:


It’s been so lovely having her visit … I’m so sad she’ll be leaving Friday.  But plenty of time for us to squeeze in a few more adventures before then!

Linking up with As Kat Knits for Unraveled Wednesday! What are you working on this week?

18 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday: An Assortment of WIPs”

  1. I fell down the Starting Point rabbit hole this week; not actually starting one, but thinking about how much fun it would be to pick out colors and yarn for it from my overgrown stash. Not that I will be making one in the foreseeable future — way to much OTN and in the queue.

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    1. I hear you! If I went based on what I had on my needles, I should have never of cast on. But it was a great stashbuster, and choosing the colors was fun. I feel the same about Find Your Fade .. I’ve had some colors picked out for quite awhile, but I’m not ready to commit to casting on!


      1. The shawl is huge! Before it was joined it actually looked like you had two separate shawls!


  2. I have been knitting the body of my The Oa…but I did have the satisfaction of finishing my Talmadge cloche (all I had to do was sew the brim down!)


  3. Yay for pulling a project back out. I have to finish the campside shawl. Don’t like letting projects sit and then have to pick them back up and figure out where I left off.

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  4. Lovely to see progress. Erm what am I working on this week ? New knit project, done an inch of a summery top – aiming to finish it for a holiday in September, but not stressing if it turns out I finish it for next June! Have chopped a dress up to turn into a top – it didn’t quite work out as planned so I’ve used it as a learning tool to fit something to my true body shape – lots of rejigging darts etc! I have also cut out a paper pattern for a new fabric summer top, not cut out the fabric yet. I did aim to sort out my yarn stash – that went by the by as the temperature soared and it was too hot to do much at all! Oh well,tomorrow’s another day/next week is another week!

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  5. Oooooh, I love Summer Flies! It’s been in my Ravelry queue for years! You’ll have to post a picture of your sister’s FO when she’s done. I’m really anxious to see how your Southwell Cardi comes along too. Cardigans are my favorites. 🙂

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