Belated Unraveling: Starting Point and Talmadge Cloche

Friends, where has this week gotten to?!

2017-06-07 17.14.29.jpg
Knitting, with flowers

First, I thought I’d pop in sometime yesterday for a  Unraveled Wednesday post.  Then I thought I’d get around to it this morning …. and here we are, almost dinner time, and I’ve just sat down to tap out a quick hello!

Not tons to report on the knitting front.  I cast on the Talmadge Cloche that I mentioned in Friday Favorites this past weekend, and it’s completely addictive.  It definitely requires attention, but it’s really intuitive — I love the result!  Sometimes I find I actually have an easier time knitting things that require a bit more focus.  I’m less likely to make mistakes if I’m forced to pay attention!

2017-06-04 17.03.46-2.jpg
The start of my Talmadge Cloche, a few days ago

As much as I love the Talmadge Cloche though, it hasn’t been getting much of my attention.  I’ve been doing everything I can to try at the very least to not lose any more ground on my Starting Point:

2017-06-07 14.18.23.jpg
Lunch break knitting

I’ve really enjoyed the mystery knitalong, but boy, do those clues come around fast. I’ve stayed reliably exactly one week behind … the day Clue 3 was released, I wrapped up Clue 2.  This week, however, was a little different.  I’ve had a lot of time in the car (because: LA) and happened to finish Clue 3 on my first piece (the shawl’s been knit, so far, in two pieces) while on a long drive (as a passenger, of course!).  Because I couldn’t easily put Piece 1 on a holder and transfer my needle to the second piece, I carried on and began Clue 4.  So now, I’m about halfway through Clue 4 on Piece 1 — and Clue 5 has just been released.  So I need to hurry and catch Piece 2 up!  Phew.  As I said, I’ve enjoyed the shawl a lot, but I’m ready to finish it up — it really monopolizes knitting time … and I do like to rotate my projects a bit!

Linking up, even though I’m late, with As Kat Knits Unraveled Wednesday!  What are you working on this week?


4 thoughts on “Belated Unraveling: Starting Point and Talmadge Cloche”

  1. I’m down to the last skein of yarn for a baby blanket for a baby coming next week! And my girlfriend is doing a green, navy and white theme with whales and of course I see a knit whale toy on my instagram feed so I HAVE to whip that up before I pass the blanket to her. LOL

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    1. Ohh what a special gift that will be ! I bet you’re excited to be almost done! I’ll look forward to seeing your knitted whale. I recently, tentatively, ventured into toy knitting with Alex the Mouse from a Year of Techniques. But the mouse — like most of my projects — has been put on hold as I furiously try to finish my Starting Point!


      1. My first knit toy was a Susan B Anderson doll pattern and my girlfriend’s little girl loved it and I loved it because I made it the same skin color as her and made them matching shirts! The whale is a Susan Claudino Designs and she makes really easy to follow toy patterns too.

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