Memorial Day Dispatch

Hi friends!

Phew, I didn’t mean to go quiet for quite so long!  After a crazy weekend and week of packing and transit, I’m happy to report stage one of the Summer of Moving is done. My Philadelphia apartment is packed and closed up, my things (including the beloved stash) are sat safely — one hopes! — in a storage unit, where they’ll be collected by international movers later this month, and Mr. N and I are enjoying a few days in Virginia with my parents before we head back out to LA, where we’ll spend June and July.

There’s not been a terrible amount of knitting happening with everything going on, but I have a couple of snippets of project progress and new yarn acquisition from the long weekend (and beware, spoilers of the A Year of Techniques Summer Kit and Joji’s Starting Point lie ahead!)

First, if you’ve been following along here for awhile, you might remember the last time I was home visiting my mom we started a sweater project together: the Southwell Cardi by Marie Greene.  I thought I might finish in time for us to do a joint FO photo shoot (ha ha!) While I haven’t come close at allllll, my mom’s is coming along splendidly.  Only sleeves to go and she’s done! (How gorgeous is that golden Sherwood Yarn?)

Completely accidentally, we’re even storing our Southwells in the same Madder Root trundle bags!
A perfect yellow!

And speaking of projects Mom and I will be knitting together, check out this beautiful Farmers Daughter yarn that we ordered some time back for another Marie Greene sweater, Apogean — the next summer sweater on my list:


In the new yarn department (I know, falling off the wagon!), here’s my A Year of Techniques Summer Kit — I had it delivered to my parents since I knew I might be in transit when it arrived.  How gorgeous is all that yarn?

2017-05-29 12.07.55.jpg
Look at that pile of yumminess!

And I love that the bag it’s come in is a backpack – perfect for yarny adventures:

2017-05-28 15.32.27.jpg
Molly likes my new yarn bag, too!

Not strictly knitting related, but in the craft-y category …. we went to a really cool vintage, handmade, and salvage emporium Friday.  I got this adorable pillow, to remind me from home when I’m far from it, and a mug that will be perfect for tea and knitting:

2017-05-28 15.34.55.jpg
Pillow from True Heart Goods! 

And lastly … the only real knitting I’ve been getting done is on Starting Point.  I think I finished clue one (both pieces) about an hour before clue three was released.  I’m still really happy with my new color choices:

2017-05-28 15.28.13.jpg

It was ripped back shortly after this photo was taken because I found a mistake — can you spot it?  I’ve almost knit back to where I was this time yesterday!

Also, I was so flattered that Andi over from My Sister’s Knitter gave a shout out to my Starting Point!  Thanks Andi — you’re too kind! And if you’re stopping by from MSK, welcome and thanks for visiting 😀

Alright, let’s see if I can get some actual knitting done this afternoon — if you’re in the US, hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend, and everyone else, happy Monday!

xo K


8 thoughts on “Memorial Day Dispatch”

  1. That’s just the coolest thing that you and your mom work on knitting projects together! The sweaters are looking great! So is your shawl!! Enjoy the time with your family!

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  2. I love the mustard color for your Mom’s sweater, as well as your color. I didn’t catch the mistake on the shawl; however it’s looking good! I hope you have an awesome time hanging out with your family and Happy Memorial Day!

    Liked by 1 person

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