(Re)Starting Point

Well, I wasn’t expecting to be back so soon.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned I was having some doubts about my Starting Point shawl. My friend Aimee, who I had purchased some of the yarn for the shawl with and is knitting along as well, kindly reassured me she thought it would be fine. She even found some other in progress shawls that were a bit farther along than mine, had similar levels of contrast, and looked great.  So I pressed on for a bit.

Later in the day, I texted my mom pictures, asking her thoughts — and she kindly reassured me as well.

But by the evening, nearing the end of the first clue, I was still not loving it. Which is why Mr. N discovered me, around 9:30 pm, frantically pulling skeins out of already packed bins of yarn, ready for movers to take in just a few days!  “What are you doing?” he inquired, sounding a bit alarmed. The reply: “oh nothing, don’t worry.”  He let it go — he’s learned not to question my yarn-related shenanigans.

And by just after 10:00, I had five completely different skeins of yarn, wound and ready to go:

2017-05-18 10.24.23.jpg

Many of these skeins came from deep in my stash.  The top left is the Lime and Violet Shuanmi Squared (c. 2008) in a colorway called Antique Mall —  80% wool 20% bamboo. Remember when putting bamboo in sock yarn was all the rage?  I’m glad that’s sort of died down, because I don’t love the way it feels.  But moving swiftly on … that creamy taupe is Wullenstudio Superwash Sock in A Horse With No Name — for my money, one of the most beautiful neutral dyed yarns I’ve ever come across — bought on my first visit to Maryland Sheep and Wool with my mom in 2012.  The green and the pink are both Sundara Sock in the colorways Prickly Pear and Tulip, respectively.  One or possibly both of them were from a c. 2008 or 2009 Seasons club. And the dark grey is Plucky Knitter Plucky Feet in Top Hat, bought as an accent color for a peerie jumper that I still really wnat to make (I’m hoping I’ll have enough left over — if not, I’ll just get something similar).  I’m simultaneously pleased and embarrassed that I was able to put this combination together as I insisted in the lead up to the MKAL that I didn’t possibly have enough solid sock yarn in stash to make up a set ….

Anyway, I stayed up later than I should watching the colors emerge, always a good sign, and today remain happy with my shawl:

2017-05-18 17.08.19.jpg
My new starting point in the afternoon sun

So with one day to go before the next clue’s release, I’m finally all set!  And I do still love all the colors from my first attempt — so they’ll be saved for future project(s)!

And hopefully the bins of yarn can now remain undisturbed until their trip to the storage unit Monday.  Then I won’t be seeing my stash again til we are reunited in England (sniff!)

2017-05-18 15.40.48.jpg
The yarn I pulled out last night during my frenzied search! I’d like to say those four bins are all my stash .. but I also don’t like to lie to you, dear readers.

How do you decide when it’s time to change tact on a project?


18 thoughts on “(Re)Starting Point”

  1. Having a larger color palette can be tricky; I’m glad you found one you’re comfortable knitting with. I haven’t had to do that I don’t think. The one project where I used many colors is my niece’s ripple; I had showed my SIL my Pinterest board of color palettes and she picked the chameleon inspired one so I used that to buy yarn.

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  2. I’m glad you found something that you are happy with 🙂 What are you going to do without all your yarn for that long? I hope you have extra projects 😀 Or am I just thinking it’s a long time til you’ll be reunited? I haven’t had to deal with your situation as of yet, thank goodness. Other than the fact that I once got three quarters of the way through TAAT socks and realized that they were too small. I frogged them.

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    1. No you’re right, it is going to be awhile! My yarn (along with all the less important things, ha) is being picked up by movers to be shipped to the UK, which is a slow process. So it’ll be ready for the movers next week — then I’ll be in California until August and won’t get the yarn til we’re settled in the UK and have an address for it to be delivered to — so three months with no stash! I’ve picked out some projects that I think will see me through the summer …. more than I need probably, but better safe than sorry (or I’ll just have to buy more yarn!)

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  3. I definitely prefer the new colour combination, glad you are inspired enough by it to stay up late knitting it!

    I very rarely rip things out and start again… I think because I don’t tend to pick adventurous colours to start with!

    Knitting my Oa has stalled at the moment as I am worried the sleeve is a bit tight…I should probably block it on the needles and then make a decision whether to go up a needle size or two for the sleeves…


  4. Good for you for taking the plunge! I usually realize something is wrong, knit on for at least an inch more, and then tear back. In extreme instances I have knitted half of a sweater before calling it quits…thankfully that only happens rarely!
    Good luck with the move!

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