Unraveled: Alice the Mouse and Starting Point

Hi friends, and happy Wednesday!


Well things are pretty crazy around here.  After a lovely weekend in New York celebrating with friends, I’m back in Philadelphia with one week left to go until the move!  I had big plans for packing and getting lots of actual work done, but yesterday, I woke up with a very sore throat.  So I took it easy for most of the day in the hopes that I could get over whatever this is quick — being sick + moving sounds like a terrible mix.

The upside, as any knitter knows, to not feeling well is a bit of time on the couch with some knitting.  I made a start on Joji’s Mystery KAL shawl, Starting Point:

2017-05-17 09.22.32.jpg

To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it at this point.  I love all the yarns and colors individually, and I like the pattern’s mix of texture and lace.  But I’m not sure about how I feel about it all together.  To complete this piece, I’ve got to repeat what I’ve already knit once more — and then make a second, identical triangle.  I’m not sure if I should press on and see how I feel once it gets a little bigger, or–given the fact that diving into this was a bit of a last minute decision–let it sit for awhile and see if I want to come back to it.  It’s probably a bit early to tell, so maybe I’ll finish the first piece and see how I feel!

My other new project at the moment (because, when life is crazy, why not cast on all the things?!) is this month’s A Year of Technique projects, Alex the Mouse.

2017-05-17 09.20.42.jpg

I’m using up leftovers from my Viola socks (they’re done!) for my little mousie, who I’ve named Alice.  I’ve never knit a toy before, but I’m enjoying having small, discrete pieces to work on. Right now, I’ve finished the head and am working on ear number one, which involves knitting colorwork flat — something I’ve never done before!

2017-05-17 09.21.25.jpg

Not much has been going on on the reading front sadly — though I have picked up Consider the Fork again before bed time the last few nights!

What are you working on at mid-week?  Linking up with As Kat Knits’ Unraveled — go check out what she and other Unravelers are up to!

18 thoughts on “Unraveled: Alice the Mouse and Starting Point”

  1. “because, when life is crazy, why not cast on all the things?!”
    Hahaha! I’m definitely adopting that as my motto!! I actually LOVE the look of your Mystery KAL shawl. The colors are wonderful together. Hope you feel better soon. Sending lots and lots of luck for the big move!

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  2. The mouse looks really cute, love the colours you have chosen, toy knitting can be a lot of fun. Really intrigued with a year of techniques, in theory due to have surgery later in the year and tempted now to have this as a treat, something different to do while recuperating.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh I definitely recommend it as a treat! It’s such fun to get the new pattern every month — and there’s a lot of camaraderie with KALs for each pattern, both over in the the AC Knitwear Ravelry Group and over on Mason Dixon Knitting. Hope all goes well with the surgery when the time comes!


  3. I love knitting toys; however have never tried a mouse 🙂 I hope you feel better soon…it sucks not feeling well and knowing that you have to pack. I really like the colors in your shawl; however if you don’t, then you won’t wear it. Give it some time and come back to it 🙂

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