Mid-week hello …

Hi friends, and happy Wednesday!

How are things going in your corner of the world?  I didn’t mean to go quiet for quite so long, but I had dear friends visiting for a long weekend, which was lovely, but very busy.

One of the byproducts of our long weekend visit was not much knitting got done (for good, fun reasons).  Right now, everything seems to be in a state of approaching, but not quite being, almost done:

2017-03-28 14.52.35.jpg

I’m well into the last stockinette section of my Arroyo Arrosa, then just have the edging to go. I’m a little worried about the size — it looks small to me, but it’s also pretty scrunched up on the needles.  My Favorite Socks got the teeniest bit of attention on the weekend–a few rows–but are still languising at the gusset.  And my poor Constellate hat has been neglected for at least a month!  I brashly proposed that I would finish all of these projects for My Sister’s Knitter Stash Down KAL, which ends March 31.  I think I’ll be lucky to get one project done at this rate!

Luckily though, there’s lots of knitting and relaxing in my future.  I leave tomorrow for a week with my family in Virginia!  My mom and I are planning on casting on Southwell Cardigans while we’re together.

Linking up with Crafting On over at Frontier Dreams this week — and as always, I love to hear what you’re upto in the comments! I’m still figuring out what post-Yarnalong Wednesdays will look like here on the blog, but didn’t want Wednesday to go by without at least a quick hello!




9 thoughts on “Mid-week hello …”

  1. Love that you are casting on a project with your mom! Its so lovely to share your craft with family. Feeling similarly about Yarn Along, but hopefully we figure out our new “normal” soon 🙂

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