Yarnalong: Arrosa and Inspired by Islay


Knitting: What I’m calling my Arroyo Arrosa — because I started before I left Mr. N in LA, and there’s lot of Arroyo-things in the area! I am really enjoying this pattern. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve knit a triangle shawl, and this one has really ticked along quickly! I think part of it is because it’s mostly simple knitting (so I got a lot done while traveling!) but there’s enough little interesting things that keep you going! I’ve begun the feather and fan section, then it’s a bit more stockinette and the edging! The pattern is by Jennifer Weissman, from the spring 2017 Pom Pom.  I’m using TUT Everday in Confetti, yarn from stash!

Reading: I’m still enjoying The Underground Railroad, but I’ve been dipping in and out of my copy of Kate Davies’ Inspired by Islay the past few evenings.  This is a gorgeous book — from the photographs, to the patterns, down to the end papers.  And the essays that begin the book are really lovely to read — perfect for when you just want a teeny bit of reading before bed.

It was with a bit of sadness that I read Ginny’s farewell to Yarnalong this morning, though I completely understand her reasons for wanting to move on.  My first Yarnalong post was at the beginning of last July, when the blog was just a few months old.  Since then I’ve faithfully posted every Wednseday and really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with knitters around the world through the Yarnalong.  Though I don’t know her, I’m super thankful to Ginny for having created such a special place for knitters and readers, one that I really enjoyed visiting each week.  With Yarnalong no more, however, I think I’ll keep up the tradition of a weekly check in on what I’m knitting (and reading!) over at Keep Calm and Craft On, which I’ve enjoyed linking up to sporadically over the last six months. So you can see what others are knitting over at Frontier Dreams!

7 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Arrosa and Inspired by Islay”

    1. Thank you! I feel very fortunate that I got to participate in Yarnalong for the time that I did, and it’s been so nice seeing so many people mention what it’s meant to them around the knitosphere! I’m really enjoying the Underground Railroad, and just need to get in bed earlier to have more time to read!


  1. I will miss Yarn Along as well – was so much fun to be a part of a that craft gathering! Kate Davies is such an inspiration – I’ve been following her journey for more than 5 years now!

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