Once Upon a Sock: March edition

It’s the first Thursday of the month, so let’s talk socks — I’ve got sock knitting past, present, and future to share today!

First up, Mr. N’s Smooth Operators, which I finished mid-February, the night before I left California … so I was able to give them to Mr. N before I left.

2017-02-14 09.33.59.jpg

The pattern is Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operators.  The body of the socks is knit in Loopy Ewe Loopy Legends in a colorway called Jessica’s Midnight Sky; the heel, toe, and cuff are knit with some leftover Tosh Sock (colorway: Bark?). I knit these as I do most socks: two at a time on two ChiaoGoo Red circulars — my favorite needs:

2017-02-14 09.36.00.jpg

I like that the Smooth Operator pattern has some different options for making your heels and toes. I did the decreases from the original pattern, but followed Anderson’s tutorial for a more rounded kitchenered heel and toe. Overall, I’m happy with these turned out, though I think they are a bit loose in the leg (you can see that, especially, in the picture above)  Mr. N insists the fit is fine, but I think this might be him being kind; I’ll see how they’re wearing when I fly out to California tomorrow (!!!).  If they are a bit loose in the leg, I’m thinking of running a bit of elastic thread around the cuff in the hopes it will keep the leg where it should be!

2017-02-14 09.34.48.jpg

These were, in a way, a Christmas present – I gave Mr. N a little coupon to redeeem for handknit socks.  By chance, the yarn he picked from my stash coordinates really well with his plaid pajama pants, which I also got him for Christmas:


So I asked him to humor me and wear the PJs for our “photo shoot” — and took pictures with a handmade quilt that has been passed down through Mr. N’s family and is now in our possession  (isn’t it lovely!)

As soon as I cast these off, I cast on for Emily’s Favorite Socks, which I’m making with a Viola Sock yarn kit, made up of a main main color and two mini skeins, plus an extra mini skein I bought at the same time.  They are progressing, if a bit slowly — I’m almost done with the sock legs, but will have lots of knitting time Friday night as I wing my way to Los Angeles (as long as I can stay awake).

2017-02-27 09.55.01.jpg

As I approach the heel, I’ve been trying to decide which contrast color I’ll use for the heel.   Right now, I’m leaning toward that light minty green for the heel and the creamy color for the toe (with perhaps a pop of that gorgeous light rust, just for fun) — what do you think?

And though I still have a ways to go on these, I’m already scheming about my next socks, which will be made from the Tosh BFL sock I bought at Gather DTLA:


My instinct is another plain pair of socks — I’m thinking 3×2 rib on the legs, with plain stockinette feet, but I’m wondering if I should do something slightly more exciting … perhaps Joji Locatelli’s Cables down the back? Decisions, decisions …

Linking up this first Thursday with the growing group (hoorah!) of Once Upon a Sock knitters (I’ll update these links throughout the day as everyone’s posts go live) — go check out what socks they’re working on at the moment:

If you’d like to join us, we talk about sock knitting on the first Thursday of the month — feel free to link up, and just let one of us know so we can make sure to add you to the group !

And as always, thanks for stopping by — after I published yesterday’s post, I got a notification from WordPress that it was my 100th, and I could hardly believe it!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


19 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock: March edition”

  1. I will have my post up soon! I’m waiting on my doctor’s office to call me to let me know if I have to go in or if she’ll just call in a prescription. I’ve been sick for the last week and am trying to concentrate enough to write a post 🙂 I absolutely love your Smooth Operators. They turned out soooo nice! The new socks are sweet too. I like the idea of using the mint and cream colors for heels and toes. I think I’m going to start cutting out Maggie and then I’ll add her back in if she comes back.

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  2. Those are great socks on him! I like the how the colorway knitted up diagonally like that. And thank you for liking the pumpkin contrast. I’ve been in this mode of using what I have and I’m glad there were orange flecks in the OOAK for me to bring out.

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  3. I love how the socks and the pajamas go together. And I hear you about the needles. I used to work all my socks with Karbonz but that was before I had tried Chiagoo Reds! They are incredibly superior to any other needles when it comes to magic looping two socks at a time. ❤

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