Yarnalong: Emily’s Favorite Socks and the Yorkshire Shepherdess

New socks! (and a kindle)

Knitting: Emily’s Favorite Socks, in Viola sock yarn.  I am so. excited. about these socks.  I got them started yesterday before leaving for the airport (sniff, sniff) and it was all I could do not to knit on them all day while I traveled back to Philadelphia (alas, I had some actual work to do!)  But they are coming right along, and I’m loving knitting with this yarn.  The colors are so subtle and stunning, and the yarn is soft and smooth, yet sturdy feeling.  I think these are definitely going to live up to the pattern name.

Reading: The Yorkshire Shepherdess, by Amanda Owen. I thought I’d get a bit more of this read in California, but we crammed so much into each day that honestly, I collapsed exhausted in bed each evening — far too tired to read!  But I did spend a bit of time with Amanda on my flights, and I’m still enjoying the book a lot.  Her style is informative and unpretentious — it feels a bit as if you’ve sat down with her and asked her to tell you a bit about her life.  Her stories are very evocative, and often funny, and I’m happy to spend time in the company of the characters.

Head on over to the original Yarnalong to see what others are reading and knitting this week.  And as always, I love to hear what you’re working on in the comments!

And I’ll be back very soon with a little round up of my long weekend in Los Angeles — including, most importantly, a discussion of my new favorite knitting shop in the area! But first, I need to get through today — arriving back late at night + time difference is going to make it a bit of a trudge!  Hope your week’s going well so far!

xo, K

9 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Emily’s Favorite Socks and the Yorkshire Shepherdess”

  1. Very pretty! I can’t wait to hear about your trip. I meant to tell you…there’s a restaurant / jam shop called Sqirl in LA that I have been dying to try out. Maybe my hubby and I will take a trip down there one of these days. Until then, I order the jam online. It really is to die for! You should check it out the next time you are in LA for breakfast or lunch and shop for some jam 🙂 Here’s a link to their website: http://sqirlla.com/

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