Yarnalong: Constellate and the Yorkshire Shepherdess

My slow-growing Constellate hat (slow because of neglect from work busy-ness, not a fault of the pattern, which is lovely!)

Knitting: I know, I know, this is boring.  The same hat and socks have been hanging around here for weeks.   But guys, today I leave for California!  You know what that means? Long flights with loads of knitting time!  Lots of relaxing and knitting in the outskirts of LA!  Hours of time sat in traffic as a knitting passenger! (And of course, seeing Mr. N, which I guess will be pretty nice too 😉 )  So, I * think * I can safely promise by next week’s Yarnalong, I’ll have something new to show you. I’m taking my Viola sock yarn for Emily’s Favorite Socks so I can get them started when I finish something!

Reading: The Yorkshire Shepherdess, by Amanda Owen.  Mr. N’s mom sent me this book on Kindle, figuring it’d be right up my alley.  It’s about a woman who grew up in a fairly average city in the UK, but felt really drawn to farming — and eventually becomes the eponymous Yorkshire Shepherdess.  I’m still in the early chapters (she’s not quite a shepherd yet), but what I really appreciate about this book so far is Owen’s detailed description of the various work and training she did to try to orient herself to farming.  I haven’t read tons of farming memoirs, but I feel that often when there’ss a discussion of “city folks” who transition to farming, not much attention is paid to the actual how of that.  So I’m enjoying learning from Owen’s journey, tucking the information away just in case I ever need it 😉  Also, I wanted to give another quick shout out to Shetland Oo.  I mentioned that I was hoping to start it a few weeks ago on Yarnalong, and just got to it recently. I love it!  Kate Davies’ writing is so evocative and Tom Barr’s pictures are stunning.  Reading it, I feel as if I’ve popped down in Shetland and am meeting all the wonderful crafters and producers myself!  And the profiles are quite short, nice bite-sized nuggets to read right before bed.

You can see the original Yarnalong post here, and I’m linking up with Frontier Dreams this week as well.  And I always love to hear what you’re up to at mid-week in the comments!

And the next time I write, it’ll be from (hopefully sunny) California!

xo K

26 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Constellate and the Yorkshire Shepherdess”

  1. Sounds like a fun journey. Smiling at the idea of thinking of a journey as a time to knit rather than a series of queues to grin and bear. I’ve read a few similar books and I’ve always thought that most seem to learn on the job. Diving straight in. She sounds a lot more organized. Enjoy your trip.

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