Yarnalong: Shetland Oo and Swatches

2017-01-17 15.03.18.jpgKnitting: So far, this has been one of those weeks … a week where you feel busy, but nothing seems to be getting done.  It’s the first full week back on a regular schedule at the University.  Work’s been frustrating, and, to be honest, so has my knitting.  My Constellate hat took a trip to the frog pond because of a silly mistake — I forgot to purl all the purl stitches through the back loop (and trying to restart it late in the evening has not been productive — and the start of the hat is just ribbing!)   My attempts over the weekend to get my Rail Trail going again similarly failed.  Mr. N’s socks have, at least, grown slightly — I’m maybe half way through the leg. But over all, it seems like nothing’s getting done.  What I have been able to accomplish are swatches.  The black is Brooklyn Tween Quarry yarn in Obsidian, a lovely Christmas present from my mom, which will one day become an Arctic Cardigan.  That amazing yellow is De Rerum Natura Gilliatt in Genet; the swatch is for the newly released Brookings pullover, which I love.  I have no idea when I’ll actually get to start either of these sweaters.  But I thought that maybe sitting down and doing some swatches would cure me of my cast-on-itis.  I’ll block these, make notes in Ravelry, and when I am ready to start, I can dive right in.  (Or maybe I’ll just put all my knitting plans on hold and cast on for these right away!)

Reading: Shetland Oo, by Kate Davies and Tom Barr.  Like my swatch knitting, including this in Yarnalong is more aspirational than anything.  Consider the Fork (and for that matter, Remembering Baylon) are still sitting on my nightstand — and I’m still enjoying them.  But really, I’ve been staying up too late wrestling with my knitting, so haven’t been doing any bedtime reading.  I have been so excited about reading Shetland Oo (a Christmas gift from Mr. N), but keep waiting for the perfect time to crack into it and enjoy it.  Hopefully one day this week.

Here’s hoping for a more productive rest of the week! You can see what others are reading and knitting at the original Yarnalong post.  And I hearing what you’re up to in the comments 🙂

14 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Shetland Oo and Swatches”

  1. i keep having those weeks too, i wrote about it recently. i packed up christmas and i am back to a schedule so things are “better”!! then everything fell into place and i finished my hat!! good luck getting out of the frog pond!!!

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  2. I can’t seem to start any project–even the simplest ones–without ripping it out and starting over at least three (or more) times. I finally started my Grater hat the other night and had to rip out the ribbing after spending a ridiculously long time trying to figure out why my first row of cabling wasn’t working out. Turns out I had done all the ribbing in P1 K2, instead of P1 K2 P1. Oh well. That Arctic Cardigan is going in my favorites–love it! Also, have I mentioned how in love I am with your Rocquaine?

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  3. Everyone has those weeks! Hopefully, you can push on through and feel like you are accomplishing more soon. Maybe the new book will inspire you!

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  4. i’m sort of in a little different kind of rut….but rut, just the same. I’m desperately trying to whittle down all the left undone 2016 (let’s face it….2015, 2014, 2013, too) projects before really launching in to new stuff—-and even then trying to use yarn I have. Why is the grass always greener (or the yarn more alluring) on the unstarted things???? You have a great line-up!!!
    Still waiting for my copy of Oo to arrive….can’t wait!!! And I loved Consider the Fork, but not a book I read straight through, either. So many books!!! So many patterns!!!! So much yarn!!!! so little time. eep!

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    1. Hehehe, yes exactly!
      I hear you on trying to give attention to old projects and to stash — I’ve been trying to do both too .. with mixed results! I’m hoping to blog a bit about it to keep myself honest! Hope you’re making some progress and getting out of that rut!!


  5. Oh, I hope your week is going to brighten up a little bit and you’ll manage to get things done! I definitely know how it feels – my last months was pretty much the same. Oo is on my wish list! looks like a wonderful inspiring book!

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  6. Sorry you had a set back as you were so excited to knit that beanie. Once you catch up, you’ll be fine. And it’s good you have back up with other WIP’s to soothe the waters and get you going again.

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