Friday Favorites

Hi friends, and welcome to the first Friday Favorites of the New Year!

Today, I have four great new(ish) colorwork patterns and a handful of soup recipes that I’m excited to share.


From left: Image [c] Kate Davies Designs; Image [c] Lovewool Knits – 2017; Image [c] Matilda Kruse; Image [c] Whitney Hayward 
I’m not sure if it’s finishing my Droving socks (more on that soon!) or starting Rail Trail, but I’ve had colorwork seriously on the brain recently!  Here are some of my recent favorites:

  • Kate Davies’ brand new sweater, The Oa.  I joined Kate’s Inspired by Islay club when it started mid-December, and I’ve loved all the patterns so far.  When the email for the Oa came in this week … well, it was all I could do not to immediately order the yarn! This is really testing my New Year’s goal of being reasonable and thoughtful about any stash additions — I know I won’t have time to knit this sweater anytime soon … but … it’s just so, so pretty! (And I do have 10% off Kate Davies purchases as part of my club membership through March 1 …)
  • These CheekyMittenKAL mittens — I love every mitten in this collection!  Why oh why are there so many awesome new patterns, complete with knitalongs, happening at the moment?  I just want to cast on all the things!
  • Another gorgeous colorwork yoke sweater, just recently out!
  • This bulky, colorwork cardigan, released last month by Quince.  Ever since it came out, I’ve been dreaming a of dark grey version, with pops of gold.
  • And … for something completely different, did you know that Thomas Jefferson kept sheep in front of the White House? Including a murderous ram? Who knew?!


Clockwise from top left, image from Cup of Jo; image by James Ransom, Food 52; image from Healthy-Delicious; Image from Smitten Kitchen 
  • I’ve pinned not one, but two curried chicken soups in the past week. I think they both look delicious — guess what I’ll be boiling up this weekend?
  • If you wanted a veg curry soup, this curried cauliflower soup looks pretty amazing.
  • Because there’s currently snow on the ground (!), and in my opinion at least, there can never be too much soup, here’s a sweet potato minestrone recipe, recommended to me by a friend, that’s also made it onto my “make immediately” list.
  • Updated to add: because of course, right after I hit publish, another to die for soup popped in my browser: chicken wonton soup!

What’s caught your eye this week?

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8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites”

  1. Ooh, aah and yum! I’ve been trying to stay away from KAL’s, CAL’s and other assorted events 🙂 My knitting resolution is to finish the stuff that I have started and have wanted for a long time and to avoid buying any yarn / patterns just because I think they are pretty 😀 It’s very hard to resist casting on anything new; however I think I’ll be really happy when I have a sweater, blanket, socks and a hat that I will be in love with.

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  2. I love The Oa. The hood and neck detailing are really special. I too am trying to think twice before I buy new yarn and cast on for the latest and greatest sweater. My goal for ’17 is to “knit in the present” – enjoy what I’m currently working on and not think too far ahead to what’s next. It’s a challenge considering the rate at which new patterns come out and the tempting eye candy that is ravelry and instagram!

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    1. Knit in the present is such a great way to put it! It’s so easy to be worried about what’s coming next, when you’ll finish — that you forget to enjoy the knitting itself — or at least, I know I’m guilty of that a lot! But you’re right — especially at this time of year, with so many great pattern releases, it’s hard to resist!


  3. Yummy soups! It is very cold here in Kansas so I was happy to have some brussels sprouts and bacon to cook up. I’ll bet the curried cauliflower soup is good: when I make tikka masala I often will add some roasted cauliflower and it’s a terrific flavor combo.

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  4. That Quince sweater is right up my alley — that’s definitely caught my eye — but I’m trying to knit my stash so I have to see if I have enough yarn before I buy the pattern. As for those soups … delish … all of them! Thank you for posting cause these days I’m in a soup kinda mood.

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    1. Me too! It’s been really cold in Philadelphia, so soup is all I’m thinking about!

      I’m with you on the knitting from stash – and I definitely don’t have yarn for the Quince sweater. I’m thinking of adding that to my list for next winter, and letting myself buy yarn from it once I’ve used some of what I have!

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