Yarnalong: Remembering Babylon and all the WIPs

2016-12-21 09.06.59.jpg

Knitting: Phew, everything.  There are some projects I really want to finish up before the end of the year (my Droving socks — I’m on the foot, so home stretch! — and my Rocquaine sweater, which needs one more sleeve and bottom ribbing).  I was chugging along on both of them when I decided, at the last minute, that I needed to whip up some hottie covers as Christmas presents.  The purple one is almost done, then on to the gray!

Reading: Remembering Babylon, by David Malouf.  I’ve returned to this since finishing my mystery (guys, I guessed the killer!) and am starting to get into it.  It’s very evocatively written, with, (so far at least) really interesting things to say about interpretation, between cultures and between individual, colonial encounters, and belonging.  I’m looking forward to really digging in over Christmas.

You can see what others are reading and knitting over at the original Yarnalong post.

What are you working on this week?  Frantic holiday knitting?  Relaxing “me” projects? I’d love to hear in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Remembering Babylon and all the WIPs”

  1. So I just finished last night the big sweater project for my Mom, that’s block and drying. I’ve started a top down cardigan for myself (Liv) but decided my husband needs a NY Giants sweater for a New Year’s Day football game. The yarn arrives today…so that will be my next major knit.

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  2. Those socks are adorable! I just finished one Cadence sock and I’ve moved on to a small pair of ankle socks, then I think I’ll go back and do the other Cadence sock, and then back and do the other ankle sock. I just like variety.

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    1. Thanks, fellow Katherine! I am with you on variety — I didn’t realize it until I started blogging, but I really like moving between projects — a few days on one thing, a few days on another, until everything eventually gets done! I’m hoping these socks will get finished in the car tomorrow 😀

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  3. I’m in the frantic holiday knitting camp! One bonnet left and I somehow ended up 10 stitches short after the edge decreases so I had to rip to the ribbing. Hoping my instruction-reading skills are sharper this second time around!

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  4. When I read a mystery, I like to be stumped. I will give four stars instead of five even though the story was hella good like in Nora Roberts’s The Obsession. I just finished buying the last of items to complete Christmas presents. Wait a minute, second to last as I have more baking to do and need sliced almonds.

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    1. Congrats on being virtually done with Christmas presents! I don’t read mysteries terribly often, and I’m pretty much always stumped as a result — so the novelty of *actually* figuring it out was somewhat satisfying (even if it was just because it was terribly obvious …)


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