Yarnalong: Droving and Sussex Downs Murder

2016-12-14 07.46.59.jpg

Knitting: Droving, by Ann Kingstone.  Still.  But the end is in sight!  The colorwork is almost done, and after that, the heel, foot, and toe really flies!  I’m so excited to finish these and be able to wear them — and to get another vanilla pair of socks on the needles (I’ve really missed having a mindless pair of socks for car rides, times when I’m tired, etc.)

Reading: The Sussex Downs Murder, by John Bude.  I’ve been reading a chapter of this every night before bed — hopefully I’ll finish on our flight back to Philadelphia later today!  I’ve been pretty sure about who the murderer from about five pages in — but I’m still enjoying reading it.  I never figure out murder mysteries (and perhaps I’ll be wrong!), so I’m feeling very clever — though if I’m right, I think it was because it was a bit obvious, rather than any great sleuthing on my part.  The inspector is wonderfully dense, and I enjoy feeling annoyed with all his assumptions.  Not a book that’s going to change your life, by any means, but a nice, gentle mystery … perfect for bedtime!

See what everyone’s reading over at the original Yarnalong post.  And I always love to hear what you’re working on and reading in the comments!



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