Yarnalong: Mawson and Remembering Babylon

2016-11-29 10.29.18.jpg

Knitting: Mawson, by Jared Flood.  After an emergecny trip to Loop on Monday (where I snagged the last skein of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Newsprint they had on the shelves, phew!) I now have enough yarn for me (and my mom, who I’m knitting this with!) to finish the hat. I’m just starting the crown decreases, which are an interesting double decrease that’s apparently reversible (quite why this hat needs to be reversible as it’s the same either side I’m not really sure — though I guess I’ll never have to worry that I’ve put it on inside out!).  I’m in love with the black and white marl of this yarn.  One day, I’d love to make a basic pullover out of it …

Reading: Remembering Babylon, by David Malouf.  I just cracked into this last night, but from what I gather, it’s set in 1840s Australia. A British boy who was cast ashore the northern coast of Australia sixteen years previously and has lived with the indigenous people of Australia suddenly appears in a European frontier settlement (or so the back of the book tells me).  I’m looking forard to seeing where the story goes!

Check out the original Yarnalong over here.  What are reading and knitting this week?

15 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Mawson and Remembering Babylon”

  1. That’s a really lovely yarn and pattern. I just love classic hats knit on a single set of needles. Even better when they’re reversible! Thanks for sharing. Happy knitting on the crown decreases, and reading.

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