Yarnalong: Bee Cozy and Making

I really don’t know what to say this morning.  I’m heartbroken.

So here’s some knitting.


Knitting: Bee Cozy by Melissa Kelenske.  I bought this kit for a hot water bottle cover over a year ago from Wool & Honey and cast on a few days ago.  I stress-knitted the majority of it last night until I couldn’t stay awake anymore.  Hopefully I’ll finish today, and then I can spend the rest of this week (the next four years?) curled up around a hot water bottle. The yarn is Quince Osprey in Carrie’s Yellow.

Reading: Making, Vol. 2: Fauna.  This arrived in the mail this week and is just as gorgeous as the first issue.

Head over to the original Yarnalong post to see what others are knitting and reading this week.

10 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Bee Cozy and Making”

  1. I am knitting this now for a Christmas gift. I hope everyone who did this four years ago is feeling a LOT better now and got good use of it for the past four years.


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