Once Upon a Sock: Tube Operators

It’s the first Thursday of the month — that means it’s time for some sock talk!

And friends, I’m pretty excited because … I have some finished socks to share!

2016-11-03 08.33.29.jpg

These have been a long time coming!  I’ve blogged about them quite a few times … but since it’s been awhile, a quick refresher.  The pattern is Smooth Operators by Susan B. Anderson.  The yarn is Trailing Clouds Nimbus Self Striping Sock in the “Mind the Gap” colorway — the colors represent the London Tube lines!

2016-11-03 08.36.21.jpg

The pattern is a top-down, afterthought heel sock designed to work well with self patterning yarns.  I knit the pattern with very few modifications.  I cast on 60 stitches, as I was between the small and medium size.  The pattern is great, with lots of picture tutorials as well as a quick reference version of the pattern.  Susan (as if we’re on first name terms!) also includes some alternate heel and toe decreases and kitchenering methods at the end of the pattern, and I tried those out here.

2016-11-03 08.36.04.jpg

The designer set out to create a better fitting afterthought heel sock, and these certainly fit like a glove!  I loved working with the yarn too.  It’s 75% BFL, 25% nylon yarn, so a bit toothier than merino sock yarn.  Because of the yarn’s body, I do think some of my tension variation shows up a bit more — but a nice long soak in the bath should sort that out (I’m still apartment/cat sitting, and I don’t have blocking supplies with me!)

Speaking of cats, my charge was very helpful with my photo session (which involved my camera, stacked on some books, and using my phone as a shutter!)

Are you tired of sock pictures yet?  I can’t really get enough of these amazing colors (there are even more pics on my Ravelry project page)!  I’ll have to think of something fun to do with the rather substantial leftovers I have …


And one last one (promise!) … new socks, new shoes!  A good week …

2016-11-03 08.42.50.jpg

I’d hoped to have a little bit of my next sock project — Droving by Ann Kingstone — to show you as well.  I’ve cast on a few times with some different color combos, but none have been a go yet.  So that’ll have to wait!

Head on over to see what sock knitting Maggie at Project(s) in Progress and Paula at Spin a Yarn are up to this month!  And if you’d like to link up, we write about sock knitting on the first Thursday of each month!

Happy Thursday!

19 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock: Tube Operators”

  1. Love, love, love these! They look absolutely awesome. I feel bad that I didn’t have a sock post this month; however there was no sock knitting accomplished. There really hasn’t been much knitting at all accomplished lately and I hate to keep rehashing the same stuff. As soon as I get back on the knitting train, I will let everyone know!

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  2. I love your beautiful socks! I haven’t tried Susan’s ( we also are on first name basis lol) Smooth Operator pattern, but I plan to now. Also would you tell me what brand your shoes are? They’re so cute and look great with these stripey socks!

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