Yarnalong: Oslo Watch Cap and An Everlasting Meal

2016-11-02 07.35.16.jpg

Knitting: Oslo Watch Cap in Oslo by String. I wrote about this yarn in yesterday’s post, and I couldn’t resist casting on.  The pattern was free at Loop with the yarn – it’s a simple cap with a 2×2 ribbed brim and stockinette body. It doesn’t seem to be on Ravelry (the horror!)   I didn’t cast on until 9 pm last night, and I did a bit on the brim before zonking out for the evening!  The yarn is like knitting with butter!

Reading: An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler.  I’d read bits of this book ages ago and recently picked it up again.  On the whole, I like it.  Adler’s a beautiful writer, she loves food, and overall, I’m really on board with her cooking philosophy, which emphasizes getting the most of the ingredients you have, wasting less, and being confident and developing your own skills in the kitchen.  There are lots of good ideas in the book, and I always come away feeling mostly inspired.  I will say though, at moments … it’s all just a bit … I don’t know, serious!  I get as excited about a perfectly poached egg as the next person (actually, that’s not true, I love poached eggs, so I am probably more willing to be transported by their perfections). But there are moments when the book is extolling the virutes of such an egg that I do roll my eyes, just a little. But it’s mostly a lovely read written by someone who cares deeply about food and cooking, and I’d recommend it.

Linking up with the original Yarnalong post today, as well as Keep Calm Craft On over at Frontier Dreams.  From her: “the act of creating, in one form or another, preserves my sanity amongst the chaos of life.” Here, here!

What are you working on this week?

14 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Oslo Watch Cap and An Everlasting Meal”

  1. That is some fun yarn there and that looks like an interesting book. Helpful cooking tips are always great. I hope to cast on my NaKniSweMo today; didn’t yesterday after being tired from trick-or-treating and prepping all the veggies for our soup.

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  2. I’m actually done with my socks, so it’s onto the next book in the series I’m reading (you’re inspiring me to start posting about the books I listen to as I knit) and back to the Flax Light sweater. I am so unlocking that life time achievement this time!

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